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How To Craft & Customize Weapons/Guns In Biomutant?

Biomutant crafting system allows players to create fully customizable weapons from different types of items in open world.

Crafting weapons in Biomutant allows players to build powerful weapons. The guns are by far the most detailed features of this game. Guns are divided guns 2 categories and each of them has 3 or more sub-parts. Players can find materials for every part and combine them to craft guns with long names. So many materials lead to several permutations of guns for you to use in the game. This also brings a lot of confusion as to how to craft guns in Biomutant, let’s decode it.

How To Craft Guns In Biomutant?


To craft a gun you will at least need three weapon parts. They are listed below. These are parts of a gun and one of each is necessary. Once you have at least one of the three parts you can craft a usable gun from the Craft menu.

  • base type
  • muzzle
  • grip

The Craft menu can be accessed from the main menu by clicking on the “main hand” option. This will take you to a tab where you can select the “melee” option or the “ranged” option depending upon the type of weapon you want to craft. In the menu, you will be able to access all the materials from your inventory that can be used to craft a gun of that type.


Biomutant craft guns

You start by selecting a base type for the gun and then you can add to it whichever grip (handle) you want. Once you have chosen the grip add the Muzzle (front part of the gun) and your gun is ready. There are other parts of a gun as well like stocks and magazines but those can be added later on as well.  Prioritize the Base type, muzzle, and grip over any other parts.

This also enables you to upgrade your weapon whenever you get the extra materials. Now you don’t need to of waiting to collect all items like you have to do when crafting a new gun. One kick-ass detail you should notice is how the name of the gun lengthens with every part you add.


That’s it for this one. Do check out our other article to know how to upgrade weapons and armors in Biomutant.