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Biomutant: How To Create Your Character?

This article will tell you all about Character creation in Biomutant.

The world of Biomutant is very unique. With the main characters being rodents you would be curious about the other wildlife in the game. The developers have crafted the world of Biomtant with a lot of detail and laid special focus on the character creation and the weaponry. While starting the game you get the option to craft your character from scratch. Not just physical appearance players can also choose specific attributes and resistances for their characters which will help you in the journey ahead. Let’s see how to create a character in Biomutant.

How To Create A Character In Biomutant?


While creating a character initially in the game player can choose their breed, class, attributes, and physical appearance. While these might seem big decisions as you are just starting the game, they are not permanent. You can always upgrade any attributes throughout the game, enabling you to balance them out if you didn’t already. Through the course of the game, the character will also learn multiple skills. These are not specific to the class of the character giving you a chance to grow your character any way you want. While you can make changes to the breed, class, and attributes the one selected initially act as the base of the character. This will give you a certain advantage in some areas but it’s not rock-solid so you still have a lot of room for change. Let’s see what are the options players have for their characters

Various Attributes To Choose From:-

  •  Agility
  • Strength
  •  Intellect
  •  Vitality
  •  Luck
  •  Charisma


Various Breeds To Choose From:-

  • Primal
  •  Dumdon
  •  Rex
  •  Hyla
  •  Fip
  •  Murgel

Elemental Damage Resistance:-


  •  Heat
  •  Biohazard
  •  Cold
  •  Radioactivity

Different Class Of Characters To Choose From:-

  • Dead-Eye
  •  Commando
  •  Psi-Freak
  •  Saboteur
  •  Sentinel

These are all the options you have while creating your character. There are multiple options, and their permutations will yield out several different types of characters each of them with its unique abilities. We have only name-dropped the options available, to know more about them in detail click on the linked text, and to do check out our article to know how to heal in Biomutant.