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Biomutant: All Character Attributes Explained

This article will tell you all about the Attributes available while creating your character in Biomutant

Biomutant has a very detailed Character creation process. You can choose the class, breed, attributes, and resistance alongside the physical features of the character in Biomutant. Attributes become a crucial part of the character as they will impact directly the strengths and weaknesses of the character. There are 6 primary attributes which further have 10 more attributes distributed amongst them. Any change in primary attributes directly affects the secondary attribute and also the character. Let’s see which attribute you should choose for your character in Biomutant.

Which Attribute To Choose In Biomutant?


Biomutant attributes
All the attributes initially have 28 points each which do not change by the changes you do. You get 150 points to distribute among the 6 attributes and each attribute should have a minimum of 10 points. This means you have 90 points to distribute among 6 attributes with no upper limit. Let’s dig deeper into each of the Attributes.

1) Vitality Attribute In Biomutant

It directly impacts the health of the character and how many hits it can take. Increased Vitality will give you more health whereas low vitality will reduce the total health you have. Armor stat also comes under Vitality but it is not directly affected by the points given to the Vitality attribute. Armor stats are only affected by the armor you have.


2) Strength Attribute In Biomutant

Strength directly affects your Melee damage, but that isn’t very important given the combat style of the game. Giving points to this attribute will only increase melee damage and not anything else. This makes it an attribute you should refrain from giving points to. If at all you wish to focus only on Melee damage then you can give points here but otherwise, it’s a big no. Make sure to check the Class and Breed of the character. In case your character is a Melee focused or short-ranged character give this attribute points otherwise don’t

3) Intellect Attribute In Biomutant


Intellect is one of the most important attributes as it will directly impact your Power, Ki Energy, and Energy Regen. Higher intellect would increase the damage of the Psi-powers and the mutations you use. Intellect also affects the Ki Energy which is like stamina in Biomutant. Ki Energy is needed to dodge attacks and to use special attacks and Psi-powers. High intellect will increase the Max limit of the Ki energy. Intellect also impacts how fast the Ki energy bar restores. This attribute is the most important and must be given utmost priority.

4) Charisma Attribute In Biomutant

Charisma directly affects your Barter stat which is useful when you are buying or selling something in the game. Increased charisma will help you buy things at a cheaper rate and make a good profit while selling items to NPC’s. This attribute only affects your bargaining skills so don’t give much priority to it.


5) Agility Attribute

This attribute directly affects the move speed of your character. Move speed not only makes you difficult to hit but also impacts the damage your weapons can dish out. Move speed is important to get you far from or close to the enemy if you are a Melee fighter or a ranged fighter.

6) Luck Attribute

This is one attribute that you can’t change during Character creation. Luck directly impacts the Critical chance and the Loot chance stat of the character. While you can’t change the attribute you can always get items that can increase the Luck attribute (just like armor and vitality).

These were all the attributes explained to help you know which one to prioritize during character creation. Attributes also affect the physicality of your character which is just a unique visual touch in the game.

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