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Biomutant: How To Unlock All Automaton Upgrades?

Automaton has a lot of helpful upgrades in Biomutant. Good number of Automaton functions you can unlock during your playthrough in Biomutant.

Automaton is a tiny machine that follows you in Biomutant. They are handy machines with helpful buffs and abilities. It is a mechanical grasshopper-like NPC that will be alongside you during the whole game. While it seems like just a pesty follower there is way more that it can do for you.

The automaton can assist you in battles, heal you and also provide you with specific items and boosts. Players will have to cover long routes while going through the main storyline of Biomutant. Even though the journey is long you won’t be covering it alone.


How To Unlock Automaton Perks in Biomutant?

Players can get upgrades for the Automaton by completing a side-quest called Mirage. To unlock the side quest you will have to find the huge bear-like NPC who is holding a lamp, it’s easy to spot because of its size. Once you find it head towards it and the Mirage quest will start automatically. This quest is more of a back story so you won’t have to do much, just wait for it to end. Once the Mirage quest ends you will get an option to choose one of the four upgrades for the Automaton. Let’s see what the upgrades are.

  •  Health Injector: This will enable the automaton to increase your health specifically during battle. The ability has a cooldown period so you won’t able to use it at short intervals
  • Power-up: This will enable the automaton to increase the damage you dish out during battle. This ability also has a cooldown period so use it wisely
  •  Airglider: The air glider gets activated when you jump from an elevated place in the game. It will allow you to glide through air(almost fly) and travel faster in the game
  •  Pew-Pew Turret: This will enable the automaton to fight alongside you during battle and dish out some damage to the enemies.


To get all the upgrades you have to repeat the same process when you find the bear-like NPC again. That was all you needed to know about the Automaton and its upgrades, do check out our article to know how to reach the Super Wung-Fu state in Biomutant.