How To Get Bigger Chest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you running out of storage and need Bigger Chests? Then check out this guide.

As there are plenty of items to collect and store in this game, players often run out of storage. Players may opt to increase the Chest slot found in their house to increase storage. Hence, to know how to get a Bigger Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, this guide will be helpful.

How to Get a Bigger Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bigger Chest
image credit: Valley Spot

Upgrading the Chest to a Bigger Chest yields more storage. To upgrade your 8-slot Chest to a 16-slot Chest found in your house, you will need to get out of the house and get near the Scrooge McDuck Construction sign. Interact with the sign, and Scrooge McDuck will ask you for 20000 Star Coins to upgrade the house. Also, the slot of Chest increases with every upgrade of the house. This is the only way currently by which you can upgrade your Chest to a bigger one.

How to Get More Storage?

  • Apart from upgrading your house for more storage which costs a lot, you can also build more Chests in Crafting Station. You need 25 Softwoods and 25 Stones. These materials are easily found throughout the Valley.
  • Also, you can place these chests nearby your house for easy access.
  • Another option is to upgrade your inventory for some star coins to increase the storage of your inventory slots. This way, you can carry more items.
  • The last option you can consider is to drop the item on the ground. As the items don’t respawn in the game. You can drop off the items and pick them up anytime you wish.

That’s everything covered about how to get Bigger Chests to increase your storage. Also, if you want to find Goofy Stall when you are out of seeds or essential items or to sell some items to earn some Star Coins, this guide about all Goofy Stall locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley might help you to find one.