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How To Easily Get The Big Iron In Outriders

Do you wish to know where to find Big Iron In Outriders? Make sure to check it out right here

The Big Iron in Outriders is a weapon that you can only craft once you have access to all three parts of the gun. This is a legendary weapon and you will need to kill tons of enemies to get your hands on it. If you think that you’re up for the challenge and want to know how to get the Big Iron in Outriders, read the rest of this article.

How To Get Big Iron In Outriders

To get the Big Iron in Outriders, you will need to get to the area where you can get this weapon and find all three parts of the game before you can use it in the game. You will need to go to a place called the Dwindling Oasis, this is a desolate fort in the game where you will come face to face against hordes of Perforos. To find the first piece of the Big Iron can be found as soon as you enter the cave. Just make sure that you’re towards the left side wall of the cave and you will see the prompt when you get near the pile of bones.

How To Get Big Iron In Outriders
To Get Big Iron In Outriders you will need to get to Dwindling Oasis

Once you have the first part, exit the cave and run through the area until you find a narrow section that is closed off by two large rocks on either side of it. Here you will once again have to take out every enemy that you see in front of you. After that, make sure to head straight and them when you enter a different area, hug the right side of the wall. Here you will find the second piece of the Big Iron under some blue sparkly rocks.

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Finally, for the last part, you will need to cross an open wooden gate. Here once again you will be tasked with defeating all the enemies that come towards you. You should be able to see a small wooden door, open it up and then once again defeat all the enemies. This will take you to the backside of the village, defeat the Hunter, and towards the steps, you will find the last weapon part.

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