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Battlefield 2042 How To Fix Player Removed From Game Error

Got disconnected from the game because of the "Player removed from game" error? This guide has the fix you are looking for.

You can play Battlefield 2042 since it is out but there are a few bugs to deal with. And one such issue that many players face is the “Player removed from game: Game was destroyed, all players disconnected.”. If you happen to be one of those players then you are at the right place for the fix. So let us take a look at how to fix the Player Removed from game error in Battlefield 2042.

How to Fix the Player Removed from Game Error in Battlefield 2042

how to fix bf 2042 player removed from game error

These are the fixes that you can try to solve the above problem.

  • Connect to another server: The game has many servers for you to choose from. Try a server other than the one you currently played on. This will help if the issue was with that particular server.
  • Try Reconnecting: If changing servers didn’t work you can try to reconnect to the same server.

If the above fixes didn’t work for you then you can try some of these more general fixes.

  • Restart the game: Simply close the game, and also remove it from the task manager if needed. Once closed wait for a couple of seconds and launch the game again. Try playing this time and you shouldn’t face the issue.
  • Enable/Disable VPN: Since this issue has you deal with servers VPN plays a big role in this fix. VPNs can enhance or mar your game depending on the situation. So if you happen to use a VPN then try playing the game by disabling it. Alternatively, if you don’t use a VPN then try using one to see if you still get disconnected from the server.
  • Restart your PC: Press Alt + F4 on your PC and select restart. Once your system is on, try launching the game and see if you get the error again.

If you try the above fixes you should be able to fix the problem. And if nothing works then you will have to wait till the game fixes it through an update.

That covers this guide on how to fix Player removed from game error in Battlefield 2042. If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on how to revive and how to fix mouse input lag in BF 2042.