Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft – 2024

Wondering which are some of the best Zombie-themed Mods for Minecraft? We have listed some of the most dangerous ones available.

All Minecraft players have been looking to make certain adjustments and add extra layers to their world. Similarly, what is more exciting than downloading and installing terrifying zombie mods for Minecraft and making your gameplay a little more dangerous? Not only will this add an extra exciting edge, but all these mods will consist of varied features that will make your game challenging as well. Therefore, to help you fully experience all these thrilling elements, here are some of the best mods you can use.

Top 10 Best Zombie Mods for Minecraft

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Zombie Awareness

Zombie Awareness

This is the ultimate zombie-themed mod if you are looking for a good scare and challenging gameplay, as it encompasses all the necessary features. Firstly, all the skeletons, spiders, and zombies will be highly aware of your presence, as they will be able to track you down with the help of your sound, light, and scent.

If they get to you, and you are attacked, you will start to bleed. Lastly, you are attacked mostly in groups, this means that you will be surrounded by a bunch of zombies all at once, making this experience more terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Nightmare Epic Siege

Nightmare Epic Siege

When you download this mod, the zombie mobs will be able to find and follow you from a distance. Additionally, they will also attack you with tools and they might use them to break any barriers that obstruct their way. They will also use more aggressive options like burning down your house, in order to get to you.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Decimation


If you are someone who also fancies shooting games, this mod is quickly going to become your new obsession, as it is a mixture of scary zombies and shooting. This mod will consist of an an open world that is filled with a ton of zombies and you will have weapons to defend yourself.

However, this is not as simple as it seems. Just like the previous mods, the zombies here will be smart and quick, while attacking. Along with this, there will also be several features that will be added to make your gameplay even more interesting.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Rotten Creatures

Rotten Creatures

Once you download and install this mod, you will be able to advantage of all the different spooky aspects you will encounter, in each biome you visit. You will come across a number of burnt zombies and terrifying mummies that will attack you and in order to set yourself free, you will have to defend yourself and fight them. The striking feature of this mod is the enemies that spawn in every biome, as they take on a different look although they are all equally dangerous.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft The Crafting Dead

The Crafting Dead

This is one of the most popular zombie-themed mods, as it has been in the market for quite some time now. This mod is well-known due to its crafting features. Players can create their own weapons and use them to attack all the zombies charging towards them. Additionally, you can also access medical supplies that can quickly heal you after you have taken multiple hits.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Geode


This mod consists of a new species of zombies. As a result, they are much tougher than the other ones you will encounter. The feature that stands out the most is their bodies. Part of their body is made up of different kinds of minerals, which indirectly makes them indestructible.

They will all look different, depending on the kind of resource they are made up of. Therefore, while preparing to fight them, you will have to make sure that you equip your most powerful weapon.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft The Hordes

The Hordes

This is one of the most basic mods and it is quite well-known. The zombies here will poison anyone they touch. Once you are poisoned, it won’t take time before you end up like them. However, you will have all the necessary resources that can heal you and restore your health.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Hostile Worlds Invasions

Hostile Worlds – Invasions

This mod has a slightly different concept. Every 3 days, all zombie mobs will come and brutally attack you. You will somehow have to try and get through the night while keeping yourself protected. However, the base you are using as your shelter has to be quite strong as they will attack you from all sides. They will take down whatever is in their way and you will have to save your base and yourself from this invasion.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft 7 Days To Mine

7 Days To Mine

This mod is heavily inspired by the game ‘7 Days To Die‘. You will enter a post-apocalyptic world and you will have to find and gather resources. You will also have to create a base that is strong enough to keep you safe from the zombies.

Although this might seem similar to the Minecraft building system, this one is far more complex and extensive. Additionally, it will also consist of several other threating features that will spice up your gameplay experience.

Best Zombie Mods For Minecraft Mob Sunscreen

Mob Sunscreen and Mob Amputation

Once you have downloaded any of the other mods, you will have to make sure that you have also installed the Mob Sunscreen mod. It will prevent the zombies from burning during the daytime, especially if you enjoy any zombie-themed mods, this additional mod will keep these terrifying creatures from decaying so that you can continue attacking them even during the day.

Similarly, once you have installed the Mob Amputation mod, it will help you chop off the limbs of the zombies you attack. This mod will help create a real-life zombie invasion feel while playing and would make a great addition to the ‘Zombie Awareness’ mod.

We have covered all the best zombie mods that are available for Minecraft and you can use them to add an extra thrilling aspect to your gameplay. Don’t forget to check out our Minecraft section and browse through all our Mods guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.