Best Weapons For The Wall Of Flesh In Terraria

In this guide, we'll walk you through the best weapons you can use to defeat the Wall of Flesh in Terraria!

Terraria players have strategized different ways over the years on the pre-hard mode boss- The Wall of Flesh and what weapon works best against it. While many have successfully strategized their mode of attack and their weapons of choice, many still haven’t. If you’re among those looking for the best weapons to use against The wall of flesh, we’re here to help you. Follow this guide that lists all the best weapons to use against The Wall of Flesh in Terraria.

Best Weapons to Use against The Wall of Flesh

wall of flesh

These are the best weapons to use against the wall of flesh. They damage the wall greatly and even help you fend off the hungry. To ensure you’re getting the best out of your weapons while facing off against the wall- it is advisable to aim at the eyes. Here we’ve ranked the best weapons to beat the Wall Of Flesh in Terraria:

Weapon Type Damage Use Time
Star Cannon Ranged, Gun 55 12
Minishark Ranged, Gun 6 8
Beenade Ranged, Grenade 12 15
Diamond Staff Magic 23 26
Demon Scythe Magic 35 20
Hellwing Bow Ranged, Bow 22 13
Phoenix Blaster Ranged, Gun 24 11
Book Of Skulls Magic 29 26
The Bee’s knees Ranged, Bow 23 24
Starfury Melee 22/44 20

*Starfury Sword damage=22. Starfury Star Damage=44

Reiterating as mentioned earlier – keep in mind while summoning the wall to keep distance and aim at the eyes. If your aim isn’t that great then consider using the ranged weapons when it is slightly closer so all your damage is absorbed by the wall. For guns- the bullets you want to use are Meteor Shot for maximum effectiveness. Remember- this list won’t guarantee you a first attempt success! So be on the lookout for any strategies and weapon/armor/potion combos that will aid you. This guide was to help you select the best weapons to use against the wall of flesh in Terraria. We hope it helped you. Here’s a guide that will help you get Ichor in Terraria.

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