Best Weapons In Payday 2 Ranked (Shotguns, LMG & More)

Check out the list of all the best primary weapons across different categories that you can equip in Payday 2.

Players will come across a range of primary weapons in Payday 2 and equipping the best ones in this action-packed shooter will always give you the needed advantage. There are around six primary weapon categories namely Shotguns, Assault Rifles, etc from which players can choose from in the game. So if you are looking for the best weapons more suited to your playstyle, then this guide will help you make your build accordingly.

List of Best Payday 2 Weapons Ranked

list of best weapons ranked payday 2

Here are all the Best Weapons from each category i.e. Shotguns, LMGs, etc that you can equip for your build in the game:

  • Union 5.56 (Assault Rifle)
  • Buzzsaw 42 (LMG)
  • Izhma 12G (Shotgun)
  • Lebensauger .308 (Sniper Rifle)
  • Akimbo Goliaths (Akimbo)
  • GL 40 (Special Weapon)

Let’s take a closer look and learn more about them.

Best Assault Rifle – Union 5.56

union 5.56 assault rifle payday 2
Image source Tigerfield on YouTube

The Union 5.56 Assault Rifle is one of the best guns in the game. If you are looking for a weapon that is available from the very start and has good damage capability in Payday 2 then there is no need to look further. It is also a more comfortable Assault Rifle than AK and for players just starting the game, it is a must-have. Though players will have to make do with the limited ammo it has.

Best LMG – Buzzsaw 42

buzzsaw lmg payday 2
Image source Tigerfield on YouTube

If you are looking for a LMG with the highest rate of fire and DPS then Buzzsaw is the best across its category. Though low in low in accuracy, it still has one of the best crowd controls similar to the KSP, and also excels in close-quarter combat. With sizeable ammo at its disposal, the weapon also makes do with rapid killing in the game.

Best Shotgun – Izhma 12G

izhma 12g shotgun payday 2
Image source Tigerfield on YouTube

With its greater rate of fire and ammo at disposal, the Izhma 12G is one of the best Shotguns in Payday 2. The weapon makes up for its low accuracy with a faster magazine based reloads in the game. The larger magazine also covers up the low damage it does making players deal damage continuously and without any reload hassle.

Best Sniper Rifle – Lebensauger .308

The Lebensauger is the first semi-automatic Sniper Rifle that players could get their hands on in the game. It has the highest ammo count and the best pickup in its category. Even on Overkill difficulty, this weapon can kill most enemies in 1 headshot.

Best Akimbo – Akimbo Goliaths 12G

goliath 12g akimbo

If you are looking to have the best of both Shotguns and Akimbo, then the Akimbo Goliaths 12G will not fall short of your expectations. While Izhma 12G may be the best weapon in the Shotgun category, the best Shotgun overall in the game are the Akimbo Goliaths 12G. These dual-wielded shotguns are available for players from the start and have high damage and rate of fire in the game. With mods, players can customize the weapons to have more accuracy and stability.

Best Special Weapon – GL 40

gl 40 special weapon
Image source Tigerfield on YouTube

Want to kill a group of enemies easily? Then there is no need to look further than the GL 40. It is a one-shot grenade launcher that players can use to wipe out almost every unit in the game except for Cloakers and Bulldozers. It has a base damage of 1300 and can easily knock off Bulldozer’s head protection.

That’s everything covered on the list of all the best weapons in each category in Payday 2. Check out our dedicated Payday 2 section for more guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.