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Best Weapons in Outer Worlds

Top weapons you cannot miss

The Outer Worlds is amazing, and as massive it is, you get a ton of options when it comes to selecting a weapon, though you can pretty much select any weapon and tune it according to your needs, there are some weapons which are better from the beginning as compared to the rest. This guide will show you the best weapons in The Outer Worlds

Best Weapons in Outer Worlds


It completely depends, how you play in selecting the weapon. Though some weapons will suit your style more than others and some weapons are just simply better when you compare with others.

Assault Rifle Ultra

This is one of the most versatile weapons in The Outer Worlds, it has a really good range, has a quickfire rate and is quick to reload too. This is probably the gun that will suit you no matter how you play and will help you greatly.


Assault Rifle Ultra is arguably the best weapon in the game and it is pretty easy to get your hands on one of this, all you need to do is pick one off your enemies in Monarch or you can simply buy it from the store.

The damage of the Assault Rifle Ultra is around 620 which can be upgraded so you will always have a massive bang when you use it.



If you’d rather like to have a small little gun with a pretty good action then you should get the Ultimatum pistol. You don’t even need to be a perfect shot with this gun as missing your shots will result in them bouncing off and might hit an enemy if lucky.

To get the Ultimatum pistol you will have to talk to Shaw on Roseway and complete the Hammer Quest. When given the chance, give the schematics to Shaw instead of Gladys.

Phin’s Phorce


This makes use of N-Ray energy and you have to use it in The Outer Worlds to get a sense of the sci-fi elements of the game. You can upgrade the weapon to cause more damage which takes the default damage number to a much higher figure.

To get your hands on it you will have to reach the endgame and you can then find it in Phineas’ Lab during the mission “Kept Secret But Not Forgotten”.

Prismatic Hammer

The Prismatic Hammer lets you alternate your damage type by switching between the weapons, this science weapon is so powerful that it has three types of damages to it. You can keep switching shock, plasma, and caustic, the more you upgrade the weapon the more it will help you.

To get the Prismatic Hammer you will have to go to Groundbreaker and purchase the battered Mardet datapad from Gladys. After that, you will need to follow the marker which will take you to a hidden room and you can get it there.

Shock Cannon Ultra

If you ever find yourself surrounded by enemies, this will be the perfect moment to take out the Shock Cannon Ultra. It is probably the best weapon to crowd control, although you will have to be fairly close to the enemies, you can deal damage to those nearby too.

To get it all you need to do is play through the main storyline until either someone drops it or you can purchase it from a shop later in Byzantium.

These are the best weapons in The Outer Worlds as per our testing, make sure that you let us know what are your favorite weapons to use.