Best Minecraft Weapons For Combat (2023)

Learn which are the Best Weapons in Minecraft from this guide.

We have all grown and loved Minecraft for its simplistic gameplay of being an open-world sandbox. But that’s not the only thing the game offers, there is a Combat System where you have to craft Armor & Weapons to protect yourself from Hostile Mobs and other Players. Each Weapon in Minecraft is made differently. So in this guide, I will show you the Best Weapons to use in Minecraft.

Which are the Best Weapons in Minecraft?

best weapon in minecraft

Minecraft has a lot of weapons to choose from. Here are the best Weapons you can use:

The Bows & Crossbows

You have the long-range covered by the Bow & Crossbow. Both of them have their uses. The main one is that they provide Long-range attacks behind the safety of cover. At a base level, the Crossbow would seem to be the better Weapon than the Bow in Minecraft. But when you involve Enchantments, the game changes. You can have an Infinite Flame Bow that will rain endless fire on your enemies or a Quick Shot Crossbow that will rapidly decimate your Enemies. Both are a good option as the main weapon or as a secondary weapon in Minecraft.

The Swords

Swords are a staple in Minecraft PvP. You would think that a Sword, built for combat, would be the best weapon in Minecraft. Well, it’s not true, it’s not even the second-best. Even though it is not the best it can still deal a lot of damage. It is quick and easy to use and takes fewer resources than the best weapon on this list. Among the variety of Swords, the Netherite one is the best where it can deal 8 Attack Points of Damage which is 4 Hearts of health. WIth a Sharpness V Enchant, it will deal 11 damage, and with a crit hit it will deal 15 damage. That is enough to take a person down.

The Trident

trident best weapon minecraft

The next good weapon to use in Minecraft is the Trident. It can not only be used as a Melee Weapon but as a Ranged Weapon as well. With the right Enchants this can be your next Weapon, even better than a Netherite Axe (more on this later). The only reason it is not as good is that it is a rare item to find. There is a chance for a Drowned to be wielding one. You must kill it to get it. If you do get a Trident and get the Impaling V on it, it will deal 21.5 attack damage as Melee to all Water Mobs. And if you add the Channeling Enchant it will really summon Lightning to where it lands, provided that it is raining. That is 9 Attack Damage plus the Lightning damage, now that’s a lot of damage.

The Axe – Best Weapon in Minecraft

The best Weapon in Minecraft is the Axe, the Netherite Axe. A base Netherite Sword has an Attack stat of 8 while the Stone, Iron, & Diamond Axe have a base Attack stat of 9. So Axes are the better Weapon to choose from in any situation. The Netherite Axe has an Attack stat of 10 Points with 1 Speed Point. Now if you involve Enchants, the Attack stat of the Netherite Axe in Minecraft will go to 13 points. If you time your Crits, you will decimate your Enemies.

This was all about the Best Weapons in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Best Trident Enchantments & Potion Of Invisibility in Minecraft.