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Triangle Strategy: Best 5 Units To Promote

Wondering which unit is worth promoting in Triangle Strategy? This guide will help you with it.

Learning the best units to promote in Triangle Strategy can help you a lot in-game. Promoting a unit will allow them to learn new abilities that can help you in battle. These abilities can be something as simple as higher damage, better range all the way to letting a character take half the damage. And if you use your medals on the right characters you can take more risks, as you are sure of their abilities. So in this guide let us take a look at the list of the Best 5 Units to promote in Triangle Strategy.

Best 5 Units to Promote in Triangle Strategy


list of best 5 units to promote in triangle strategy

    5. Geela
    4. Hughette
    3. Narve
    2. Serenoa
    1. Anna

You can promote these characters by giving them 1 Medal of Bravery at Level 10 for their Veteran Promotion. And their Elite promotion requires 1 Medal of Valor and Level 20. The only exception here is Narve you only need to promote him with Valor Medal at Level 20. Let us check why you should upgrade them.



  • Veteran promotion: Curist
    • She gets the abilities Heal What Ails You to cure status effects. Mend Wounds allow her to heal allies better. That is she can restore more or almost full HP when compared to her previous heal ability.
  • Elite promotion: Master Curist
    • This promotion gives her the ability Fight or Flight which increases your movement by 1. The minor catch is it will only work if enemies are nearby.



  • Veteran promotion: Flyer
    • Her first ability Shadowstitching Arrow allows her to have a chance at immobilizing enemies for 2 turns. She also gets an increased range for her first normal attack with the ability A Rise in Range. Lastly, she also gets the ability Focus which raises her luck and accuracy.
  • Elite promotion: Master Flyer
    • She gets the ability Sights Set. It works by attacking any enemy that enters her range.


  • Elite promotion: Spell Master
    • He gets the ability Extending Your Reach. It is a simple and powerful ability that increases your command abilities’ range by 1.



  • Veteran promotion: Swordfighter
    • His first ability Sweeping Slash does AoE damage to all enemies in that range. Serenoa also gets Strength in Numbers, this ability increases his strength when he is near his allies.
  • Elite promotion: Swordmaster
    • He gets the ability Shielding Stance. This ability allows him to select an ally and split the damage they take with him. Thus allowing them to take less damage. But this ability comes at the cost of his own health.

Anna – Best Units to Promote in Triangle Strategy

  • Veteran promotion: Assassin
    • Her first ability Surmount lets her climb higher terrains/areas easily. Anna also gets Remain and Recover, which allows her to recover HP when she skips turns. Basically, she has to not move or use any command to recover some HP.
  • Elite promotion: Master Assassin
    • Anna gets the passive ability Surprise Attack which lets her deal more damage when she takes cover. Her ability Deadly Blaze lowers the magical and physical defense for 5 turns for a single enemy.

That covers this guide on the list of the best 5 units to promote in Triangle Strategy. If you enjoyed this guide then be sure to check out Gamer Tweak. Here you will find many more interesting guides on different games.