Best Tips To Get Better At Valorant

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To get better at Valorant, you’re going to need to master the basics and on top of that, you’re also going to need to put in a lot of practice to understand the dynamics of the game as well as get clarity on each game mode. If you wish to get better at Valorant, keep reading this helpful guide.

Noobs Guide At Getting Better At Valorant

Getting better at Valorant involves you completing a couple of steps, this means that not only do you have to be good with a gun in your hand, you will also need to know the abilities of each character, map locations, better crosshair settings, and more.

how to get better at valorant
Use these tips to know how to get better at Valorant

Crosshair Settings

While Valorant does provide a good enough crosshair, to begin with, it is way too wide for your to target your enemies perfectly. The game awards you for getting headshots as you will be able to take down your enemies instantly. So it makes sense that you target headshots and keep getting better at them.

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Basic Movement

Your movement can alert enemies and give off your location even before you realize it, holding down the Shift button will make your character walk slow and without making a noise. This is important just as you’re entering the place where the battle is taking place.

Also, there are a few places that only certain characters can get to by using their abilities, so make sure that you’re getting a 360-degree view of the locations and check out for blindspots as well.


The majority of the battles will be fought with weapons in the game and even though a lot of players rely on their character’s abilities, the weapon choice also matters a lot.

If you’re someone new, sticking to a Vandal or a Spectre should give you a good starting point. From there on you can try different weapons out and see which ones you’re most comfortable with.

Having a sniper is OP, but you’re also going to need to know how to master using it as well. You’re only going to get one shot to get your kills before your enemies are alerted about you, so make sure to make the shot count.

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This is what separates the good players and the best players. While a lot of players know how to use their character’s abilities know how to combine your abilities with that of your teammates and using that for advantage will give you a huge boost.

Each character has three abilities that are unique to them, so learning not only how to use them but when is a lot important in the game. Each ability works differently and will give you an advantage in the game.

Game Modes

There are plenty of different game modes in Valorant and each utilizes a different strategy to it. Spike Rush, Deathmatch, Competitive, and Unrated all provide tons of hours of fun, but you will need to switch your strategies and priorities according to that.

Deathmatches focus on players getting to 40 kills fastest while Spike Rush is completely different. Know and master them all to be better at the game.

Last but not the least, you should check out the practice arena as well and start to get better at the game. This will give you some real-life scenarios that you’re most likely to face against other players and is generally worth investing time into.

The more hours you put into Valorant, the better you stand to get in the game. This is all there is to know about how to get better at Valorant.