Best Minecraft Texture Packs On Xbox

By Shubham
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With the best Minecraft texture packs on Xbox, you can enhance your gameplay experience. While you cannot use the mods, you can use different texture packs for Xbox One and Series X/S consoles. You can get these packs from the official Minecraft Marketplace without using a third-party plugin. Most texture packs are free and compatible with the Bedrock version. So, here’s where you can find the best Texture packs for the Bedrock edition on Xbox consoles.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs on Xbox

Here are our recommendations for the best texture packs for Minecraft on Xbox:

Let’s delve into the above texture packs for Xbox One and Series X | S consoles in more detail:


best minecraft texture packs xbox


The Retro is a Minecraft texture pack comprising x16 and x32 resolutions. If you are looking for a smooth old-school retro-themed setting, you would enjoy this texture pack on your Xbox console. Being made by one of the popular creators, the Tetrascape, Retro pack blends perfectly with the Minecraft graphics and textures.


With the Horrorcraft texture pack, you don’t have to wait till Halloween to bring the jumpscares into Minecraft. Similar to other texture packs, you can get the Horrorcraft from the official Marketplace. This texture pack turns every mob and block into a horror-themed scary experience. You can get this texture pack for 830 Minecoins.


best minecraft texture packs xbox

Here’s the best texture pack if you want to explore the gritty medieval era with dark textures. From FishyMint and Syclone Studios, the Mythic pack introduces 32 textures in an RPG fantasy-based theme. Along with the world setting, this texture pack also changes mobs and villagers into a dark-fantasy theme. This texture pack is best suited and enjoyed by players that enjoy dark medieval and fantasy themes.

Kawaii World

Minecraft players that admire the beauty of cute Japanese culture should definitely get the Kawaii World texture pack. While it adds a cute pink shade to different biomes, it also blends the hostile or passive mobs into Kawaii World. This texture pack introduces super cool pink and Kawaai-themed skins.


Here’s a texture pack that is perfect for players that don’t wish to lose the classic experience. Although changing the iconic block and squares into every texture, BlockPixel manages to preserve the iconic setting of Minecraft. You can get an enhanced colorful and immersive world setting along with the mobs and villagers.

That’s everything covered about the best texture packs for Minecraft on Xbox. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to join Servers on Xbox, how to use text chat, how to change your gamertag and username, and more Minecraft Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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