Best Tekken 8 Mods So Far In 2024

Here are the best mods to download for Tekken 8, with cosmetic changes for Nina Williams’ outfit, Tekken Ball reskin and more.

Like most fighting games, modding has begun for Tekken 8 as well – yes, even so early after the game’s release. These are visual-only at the moment, but use them at your own risk, because we aren’t quite sure about Bandai Namco’s stance on them for the newest installment. They might potentially send out bans for using them in competitive settings, or…they may not. If you are ready to take the risk, here are the best Tekken 8 mods to download, install, and use on your PC.

Best Tekken 8 Mods

These are the top mods that provide quality-of-life improvements, outfit changes, and more visual enhancements. Do keep in mind that some mods may break with updates or may be incompatible with other mods, which may cause conflicts. If there’s an issue, the mod creator may write a note regarding it on the official page. With that said, let’s get to the list.

Enhanced Tekken 8 Visuals

Enhanced Tekken 8 Visuals mod

This mod enhances T8’s visuals by disabling post-processing effects, adding a few, and an optional increase in the internal resolution of the game. The effects that are disabled are Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Film grain, Lens flare, Motion blur, and Vignette. The effects that are enabled are Sharpen and Anisotropic Filtering. If this is something you’d like to have in-game, try out this mod!

Move List Face Buttons Color Coding

tekken 8 mod showing Move List Face Buttons Color Coding
Source: Nexusmods

Learning the complex button combos in Tekken 8 can be a tough task, but this mod will make things slightly easier for you by providing color coding for the face buttons for the move list commands. This supports both the PlayStation controller and the Xbox controller color schemes.

Sheer Stockings Plus Garter Character Customization Item

mod that replaces opaque stockings with sheer ones in tekken
Source: Nexusmods

Tekken is all about customization and this particular mod replaces the opaque stockings character customization item with sheer stockings and garter and also allows removing the sandals.

Removing the Fringes from Nina’s Dress

mod to remove fringes from nina williams dress in tekken 8
Source: Nexusmods

Nina Williams is one of the most popular characters in the series and in 8, she has a purple default dress with fringes at the end. If you don’t like this outfit style, this mod will remove the fringes.

Female Characters look like Tifa Lockhart (Cosplay)

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay mod in tekken
Source: Nexusmods

Fans of Tifa Lockhart, unite! This mod might just be a dream come true because this will make all female characters dress like Tifa (except for hairstyle/gloves). This is the crossover we always wanted, even if it’s unofficial.

Black Nail Polish for all Female Characters

reina with black nail polish mod in tekken 8
Source: Nexusmods

A small and subtle change, but one that may change up the look entirely. If you are customizing the female fighters to have a goth look, this will ramp up the goth factor quite a bit.

Pokeball to Replace Tekken Ball

pokeball replacement mod in tekken ball mode
Source: Nexusmods

While Tekken Ball is a lot of fun on its own, why not throw Pokeballs at each other instead? This simple mod does just that – and it’s pretty funny to see serious fighters like Yoshimitsu trying to punch a Pokeball toward his enemy. If you want to try another style, here’s a Pixar beach ball as well.

These were some of the best Tekken mods available as of now. As more and more modders take up the game, we will have more amazing mods for download and when that happens, we will keep you updated right here.