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MLB The Show 22: Best Team To Use In The Franchise

Wondering which team you should play as, in the Franchise? Check out the best team in MLB The Show 22.

There are a ton of teams that you can use in the Franchise, hence many players want to know which is the best team in MLB The Show 22. This is a good question because even though you can win using any team why not use the best. There are a lot of factors that come in when deciding which is the best like player stats, budget, and more. So without further ado let us quickly check this the best team in MLB The Show 22 to use in the Franchise and a list of its alternatives.

Best Team in MLB The Show 22 in Franchise


mlb the how 22 best team to use in the franchise

The best team in MLB The Show 22 is Atlanta Braves. Before I get into why it is the best, it is alright if you don’t agree with it. Since this is a sports game many fans are bound to disagree with it due to their team preference or nostalgia. That is fine as you can still enjoy playing with the team you like. So now that, that is out of the way let us check the best team in the game and why it is the best.

One of the reasons Atlanta Braves is the best is because of its big players like:


  • Ronald Acuna Jr: 99 OVR
  • Ozzie Albies: 91 OVR
  • Matt Olson: 90 OVR
  • Kirby Yates: 86 OVR
  • Collin McHugh: 84 OVR

The budget of this team is $215.50M and is the 4th team in terms of power.

Alternatives to the best team in the game


In case you don’t like Atlanta Braves these are the next best teams in the game.

  • New York Yankees
    • Aaron Judge: 96 OVR
    • Gerrit Cole: 92 OVR
    • Joey Gallo: 89 OVR
    • Josh Donaldson: 87 OVR
    • Although this team has one of the highest budgets i.e. $264.00M in the game. A notable thing here is it ranks 1st in power.
  • Los Angeles Angels
    • Mike Trout:99 OVR
    • Shohei Otani:95 OVR
    • The entire budget of the team is also $221.00 M, which is very much worth it for these two players.

That sums up this guide on the best team to use in the Franchise in MLB The Show 22 and its alternatives. Since you are looking for the best team you should also check our other guide on the best teams to use for March to October for this game.