Best Sword Of Night & Flame Build To Use In Elden Ring

Here is the best Sword of Night and Flame build that you should use in Elden Ring.

Sword of Night and Flame is a very powerful weapon, especially when used with its best build in Elden Ring. This weapon has two weapon skills instead of one which makes it all the more powerful. After taking your weapon stance doing a normal attack lets you cast Comet Azur but a strong attack will let you do Flame Slash, an AoE attack. So check out this build that you should use with this weapon.

Best Sword of Night & Flame Build in Elden Ring

best sword of night and flame build for elden ring

  • Stats to Level Up
    • Intelligence: This is the stat you should level up the most to increase the damage of your Sorceries. And in the case of this weapon to boost Comet Azur.
    • Mind: You need to level this to increase your FP. The higher your FP the more times you can use Comet Azur or Flame slash.
  • Level them up until they reach the soft cap. After that, you can level up your Vigor for HP and Faith to increase the damage of your Flame Slash. And Strength & Dexterity to increase the melee aspect of your sword.

Just because this sword has Sorceries don’t hesitate to use it as a Melee weapon. It can do a lot of physical damage especially after you apply a buff to yourself.

  • Secondary Weapon: You can use the Prince of Death Staff with it. Alternatively, the Meteorite Staff is also an excellent option. At least until you can get something more powerful.
  • Sorceries for your staff
    • Ancient Death Rancor
    • Terra Magica
  • Talismans
    • Radagon Icon
    • Carian Filigreed Crest
    • Godfrey Icon
    • Primal Glintstone Blade

How to Use the Sword of Night & Flame Build

Start your fight by using Terra Magica, this will boost your sorcery. Next, lock on to your enemy’s head and use Ancient Death Rancor to stagger your enemies. Finally, use the Comet Azur weapon skill of your blade to chip away a lot of your opponent’s health. Repeating this process can help you defeat enemies easily.

The next time you are stuck against a boss try using this Sword & Night flame build and you should have no trouble taking care of them. That is all for this guide, but if you want to find more things about this game then be sure to check out our Elden Ring section.