Best Warcraft Rumble Starting Leader To Choose

Wondering which is the best Starting Leader in Warcraft Rumble? Here’s our guide on it.

As you progress for a couple of levels in Warcraft Rumble, you will be tasked to choose the best starting leader for yourself. Since players wouldn’t really know which one to try out, it’s obviously confusing. Although you can unlock other leaders later on, you might be worried about the one that you start with.

Before you go through the explanation, do note that the choice we have made is based on our playstyle. So it’s quite possible that we might have different opinions. Nevertheless, if you are worried about making a choice, this guide will help you make the choice.

Which is the Best Starting Leader in Warcraft Rumble?

Best Warcraft Rumble Starting Leader To Choose
Image Source: Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

Players can either choose Baron Rivendare, Hogger, or Tirion Fordring at the start. While each have its own pros and cons, we found that the best one to start with is either Baron Rivendare or Tirion Fordring.

Baron is the Leader of the Army of the Dead and can summon skeletons at the buildings you control. If you have the best deck with Baron, he can be a powerful Tank. You get the traits Melee, One-Target, Tank, Armored, Elemental, and Fast with Baron. Along with his health, the damage and DPS also makes him quite use and worth the 4 Gold you have to spend. The best talent that you can use with Baron is the Chill of the Grave.

Next in line is Tirion Fordring who is another powerful Tank and can act as the healer of the troop along with damage dealing. You get the traits Melee, One-Target, Tank, Armored, and Healer with Tirion. The best way to use him is surrounding him with other troops and he will provide the best support that you will need to defeat your opponents. You should also check out the best Talent for Tirion and use it with him.

That’s all we have from this guide. Since you are playing Warcraft Rumble, do check out our other guides on our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.