Tales Of Tanorio: What Is The Best Starter To Pick? Rabush Chewaqua Or Charcile

Should you go with the Fire, Water, or Grass type? Well, the question of what’s the best starter is as old as time, and here is its answer for Tales of Tanorio.

Creature-catching games have gained a lot of popularity thanks to Pokemon. If you are looking to try this genre out but are not in Roblox, then you could play Tales of Tanorio. One of the questions people have is which is the best starter in the game you should go with. You get to choose between Rabush (Grass), Charcile (Fire), or Chewaqua (Water) Tanorians. Each has different stats, and their third evolution also gives them a secondary type. So, considering both the early & late game and the possible team you might have, here is the one you should pick.

What is the Best Starter in Tales of Tanorio?

Best Starter Explained For Tales Of Tanorio
Image Credits: Tales Of Tanorio on YouTube. Ignidall, the evolution of Charcile is the best starter in the game.

When considering its resistances, Charcile is the best starter in Tales of Tanorio. Of course, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer but rather something that will be useful to players completely new to this genre as it can help you brute-force the game. Here is why you should pick Charcile over the other two Tanorians.

  • Charcile Stats:
    • HP: 55
    • Attack: 65
    • Defense: 40
    • Ranged Attack: 45
    • Ranged Defense: 40
    • Speed: 65
    • Total: 310
  • Evolutions:
    • Charcile (Fire Type)
    • Serprince (Fire Type)
    • Ignidall (Fire Type) (Air Type)

In its base form, Charcile has 1/2x Resistance against Grass, Fire, Bug, Ice, Electric, Metal, and Fairy Tanorians and 2x Strength against Grass, Bug, Metal, and Ice types. But this gets better when you achieve its final Evolution Ignidall because not only does it get another type, but it also becomes immune to Earth-type Tanorians.

As such, new players don’t have to constantly be worried about keeping track of the 20 in-game types for which Tanorians it is weak against.

If you are used to such games and are looking for a great offensive Tanorian then you should go with Rabush, while it has more weaknesses than Charcile, its evolution Guardemis gives it the Cosmic type which is 2x effective five elements in the game.

Finally, Chewaqua isn’t recommended as it is more of a weird balance between the other two. It isn’t very effective against many Tanorians, but it isn’t as weak to them.

That is all for the best starter in Tales of Tanorio. Be sure to check out our Roblox section if you need help with more such games.