Best Starter Characters In Summoners War Chronicles

Wondering which one of the Starter Characters in Summoners War Chronicles is best to go with? Then here's all about it.

It’s not just you, many new Summoners War Chronicles players are struggling to choose the best hero from the 3 Starter Characters. For those who are unaware, at the beginning of the game, players will have to pick from Kina, Orbia, or Cleaf before they start their journey. And let us tell you, this decision is pretty crucial when it comes to forming a balanced yet powerful team of monsters. Each character has different skills and different expertise that you can take advantage of. But as said earlier, you can’t have them all. So to help you decide, below we have mentioned the best character you should go with.

Which Are The Best Starter Characters in Summoners War Chronicles?

Which Are The Best Starter Characters in Summoners War Chronicles

According to us, Cleaf is one of the best Starter Characters beginners should choose in Summoners War Chronicles. That’s because he is a Tank class character that will not only cause a good amount of damage but also give the summoned monsters a helping hand. If you disagree with our pick, then simply scroll down and check out all three characters’ details. Doing so will help you choose the right hero that suits your playstyle.

Kina – Healer Class

Kina is the ideal unit for players who are looking forward to using healing abilities. This little character is very goofy and focuses on healing their allies. With her hammer, you can not only cause damage but also heal the monsters you have summoned. In order to unleash her true potential we recommend you add monsters that can deal damage to the enemies.

Orbia – Mage Class

Orbia is also one of the best starter characters in Summoners War Chronicles. She possesses powerful magical abilities that can surely knock enemies down easily. However, getting a hang of her in the early stages of the game might get a little tricky. That’s because she tends to lead the army from the back so you might require some help from high DPS monsters in the front. But don’t worry you won’t feel her absence in the front, as Orbia has an ability where she can debuff the enemies with her magic from the back. And when it comes to her personality, she seems to be very calm and good at decision-making.

Cleaf – Guard Class (Best Starter Character)

Last but not the least, Cleaf is a Guard (Tank) class hero, that can be very easy to use for beginners. As mentioned earlier, he will not only deliver a good amount of damage to the enemies but also protect the monsters from some incoming attacks. If you are planning to go with Cleaf, then make sure you team him up with some monsters that are good at support. For better performance players can also add and summon some dark-class monsters.

Now you know the abilities of the starter characters in Summoners War Chronicles, so go ahead and pick the best one suiting your playstyle. With that said, this is all you need to know about which is the ideal summoner you should go with. While you are here check out this Tier list to make a powerful team of monsters. Also, take a look at the redeem codes for free in-game gifts.