Summoners War Chronicles Tier List 2024 – Best Monsters

Looking for a Tier List for the Best Monsters in Summoners War Chronicles? This list has you covered.

Here is our Summoners Wars Chronicles Tier List ranking all the monsters from best to worst. There are a lot of monsters in this game for you to choose from. And each has its own attribute. But not all of them are equal, some simply are more powerful than others. So this tier list will help you out in selecting the best monsters in Summoners Wars: Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List 2024

all monsters tier list for summoners wars chronicles

SW Monster Tier
Beast Monk (All) S Tier
Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light) S Tier
Ifrit (All) S Tier
Jack-o’-lantern (All) S Tier
Pioneer (All) S Tier
Archangel (Dark) S Tier
Epikion Priest (All) S Tier
Undine (All) S Tier
Magic Knight (All) S Tier
Sky Dancer (All) S Tier
Lich (All) S Tier
Chimera (All) S Tier
Harpy (Water, Dark) S Tier
Sylph (Fire, Light) S Tier
Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark) S Tier
Mermaid (All) S Tier
Valkyrja (Fire, Dark) S Tier
Polar Queen (All) S Tier
Panda Warrior (Fire) S Tier
Pirate Captain (All) S Tier
Vampire (Water) S Tier
Occult Girl (All) S Tier
Joker (All) A Tier
Griffon (All) A Tier
Inferno (All) A Tier
Raven (All) A Tier
Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire) A Tier
Monkey King (All) A Tier
High Elemental (All) A Tier
Kobold Bomber (All) A Tier
Mystic Witch (Wind, Light, Dark) A Tier
Cow Girl (Fire, Dark) A Tier
Martial Cat (All) A Tier
Imp Champion (All) A Tier
Desert Queen (All) A Tier
Panda Warrior (Water, Wind, Light, Dark) A Tier
Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water) A Tier
Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark) A Tier
Harg (All) B Tier
Battle Mammoth (All) B Tier
Imp (All) B Tier
Inugami (All) B Tier
Harpu (All) B Tier
Hellhound (All) B Tier
Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark) B Tier
Amazon (Fire) B Tier
Warbear (All) B Tier
Vagabond (All) B Tier
Penguin Knight (All) B Tier
Garuda (All) B Tier
Fairy (Fire, Light, Dark) B Tier
Mystic Witch (Fire, Water) B Tier
Werewolf (All) B Tier
Frankenstein (Water, Light, Dark) B Tier
Salamander (All) C Tier
Cow Girl (Water, Wind, Light) C Tier
Pixie (Wind, Light) C Tier
Howl (All) C Tier
Fairy (Water, Wind) C Tier
Grim Reaper (All) C Tier
Living Armor (All) C Tier
Serpent (All) C Tier
Charger Shark (All) C Tier
Mummy (All) C Tier
Yeti (All) C Tier
Harpy (Fire, Wind, Light) C Tier
Elemental (All) C Tier
Frankenstein (Fire, Wind) C Tier
Golem (All) C Tier
Slime (All) D Tier
Mimick (All) D Tier
Skull Soldier (All) D Tier
Horned Frog (All) D Tier
Ghost (All) D Tier
Monster Flower (All) D Tier
Mischievous Bat (All) D Tier
Maned Boar (All) D Tier
Lizardman (All) D Tier
Gore (All) D Tier
Sandman (All) D Tier
Forest Keeper (All) D Tier
Low Elemental (All) D Tier
Mushroom (All) D Tier
Battle Scorpion (All) D Tier
Surprise Box (All) D Tier

The S Tier monsters above are the best. A Tier monsters are very good and close to the ones in S Tier in terms of power. B Tier monsters are good. C Tier monsters are decent. And lastly you can avoid picking the D Tier monsters.

That covers this Tier List for all monsters in Summoners War Chronicles. If you found this list useful then I suggest you also check out our other Tier Lists.