Stardew Valley Crops Guide: The Best And Most Profitable Crops

Choose the best and most profitable crops for each season to harvest in Stardew Valley.

While selling crops won’t be the core task in Stardew Valley, it is vital to keep your pocket filled with coins. Currency matters in almost all the games and the same are true for Stardew Valley. Hence, you might find yourself on the farm every now and then. Choosing the most profitable crop in the game is a little challenging as you would be overwhelmed with a variety of crops. And similar to real-world farming, the harvest and profit depends a lot on the season of bowing. The purpose of this Stardew Valley Crops guide is to give you some information about the best and most profitable crops in the game for each season. So without any further delay, let’s delve deep into the list of best crops for each season.

Stardew Valley Crops Guide: Best Spring Crops

Following is the best Spring corps list with different available options.


Strawberries are the best spring crops as they can yield a much greater profit than any other. To purchase the strawberry seeds, you will have to wait until the Spring Egg Festival, i.e., the 13th of Spring. During the Egg Festival, you can purchase them from the special vendor at $100 for each seed. They take 8 days to grow and are sold at a price of $120, giving you a $20 profit per unit. While this might sound profitable, here’s something that can further maximize your profit. If you wait until the next Spring, they can regrow within 4 days after becoming mature. Hence, the best thing to do is purchase as many strawberry seeds as possible and save them for the second Spring.

Other Spring Crops

There are a few other good Spring Crops that can be an alternative to the strawberry seeds, in case you don’t have sufficient funds or something else.

Rhubarb: Rhubarbs are only available after the completion of Vault Bundles at the community center. You can get them from the bus to the Dessert Oasis. They can be purchased at $100 per seed and sell them at $220 per unit.

Potato: You can buy them from Pierre’s Shop. They cost $50 and can be sold at $80 after 6 days of growth time.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower costs $80 and you can sell them at $175 with $95 profit. They take 12 days to grow. They can be valuable when placed in a 3*3 grid. This will yield double at times giving you twice the profit.

Stardew Valley Crops Guide

Stardew Valley Crops Guide: Best Summer Crops

The Stardew Valley corps list for summer has a few crops that are expensive, yet profitable. Here goes the list:


Blueberries cost at $80 and each unit can be sold at $150. Once mature they can be harvested four times if you harvest them on the very first day of Summer. Since it can grow four times a season, it can offer as much as around $20 per day which is a great amount of cash for any Summer crop.

Other Summer Crops

Some of the other Good Summer crops that can replace Blueberries are:

Starfruit: Can be purchased from the Dessert Oasis after completing one of the last bundles at the community, the Vault Bundle. They take 13 days to grow and can be sold at $750. You can also convert them into wine to get more profit.

Hops: These crops cost $60 and are sold at $25. Oh, that will bring you into a loss of $35. Well, not really. These crops can be harvested every day once they mature, giving you an average of $13 per day. You can also convert them into ale to get more profit, but that will require time and kegs.

Red Cabbage: These seeds are only available from the second Summer and can be purchased only from the general store. They cost $100 and sell at $260. Red Cabbage requires 9 days to grow.

Best Crops To Maximize Profit Margin in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Crops Guide: Best Fall Crops

Then comes the Falls and these are the options you should head for.


Cranberry is a long-term winner. The seeds can be bought for $240 per seed and can be sold at $150. While this might sound non-profitable, it will give you the best profit when compared to any other Fall crops. Firstly, it takes only 7 days to grow and secondly, it can regrow after 5 days. Cranberries can be harvested a total of 5 times before the end of Fall for maximum profit. Put simply, it can give you anywhere around $18.5 per day throughout the Fall.

Other Fall Crops

If you can’t do the math and don’t consider Cranberries as a fruitful option, here are some alternatives to choose from:

Pumpkin: Pumpkins cost $100, takes 13 days to grow, and can be sold at $320, giving you a profit of $220 per unit. They can grow larger when harvested in larger grids and fields. The larger the grid, the greater is the profit.

Artichoke: These seeds are available in the general store from the second Fall. They cost $30 and can be sold at $160. Artichoke takes 8 days to grow.

That’s our list of best and most profitable crops for each season in Stardew Valley. I hope this Stardew Valley Crop guide will help you choose the best option according to your gameplay and get maximum profit. You can read about how to find Linus Lost Blackberry basket in Stardew Valley or about many such other game guides.