Which Are The Best Solo Classes In Dark And Darker

Take a look at the best Solo classes to play with in Dark and Darker.

Dark And Darker have gained quite a lot of popularity in a very short period of time. No matter if it is in playtest, many players are already indulged in this dungeon crawl adventure game. Several users over the globe are also looking forward to playing this game solo to dominate the dungeons all by themselves. However, if you are planning to do the same, then let us tell you, it is quite difficult to survive alone. That makes the players wonder, which are the Best Solo Classes to go play with in Dark and Darker.

List of Best Solo Classes in Dark And Darker

Of the 6 classes available in Dark and Darker, Rouge & Barbarian are the best solo class you should go with. However, unfortunately, according to the devs, the solo queues won’t be available any time soon. So if you are thinking of going in solo, then you’ll be matched against teams. But don’t worry the mentioned classes will surely allow you to dominate the dungeon all by yourself. For better understanding let’s know more details about the Rouge & Barbarian class.

The Best Solo Classes In Dark And Darker


This class can surely get you through the team fights if you play the cards right. Rouge is especially known for its stealth, where it can go invisible until any sudden movement or attack is made. On the other hand, Rouge is also pretty quick because of its high movement and attack speed. Moreover, it can quickly loot the chest and open locks without using the lockpick. The only downside you’ll face is the low health pool. That can allow the enemies to strike you down in a single close-range hit. But if you’re planning to be sneaky then this is the ideal solo class for you to go with.

Which Are The Best Solo Classes In Dark And Darker


If going sneaky and silently is not your play style, then Barbarian will be just the right pick for you. Players who like to go all in and cause serious damage to enemies can surely go with this class. Additionally, barbarians also move pretty quickly which makes it easier for you to chase the enemies or escape when needed. Speaking of speed, this class can also open chests and breach doors very easily just by breaking them into pieces. Moreover, Barbarian also has good resistance to magic and can deal damage because of its high health pool.

That covers everything about the best solo classes in Dark and Darker. While you are here check out how you can use Spells in the game. Also check out the 2023 upcoming games’ release date calendar.