Best Shotguns In COD Mobile

Looking for the best Shotgun in COD Mobile? Here’s a list of some of the powerful weapons you can own and use.

In Call of Duty Mobile, once you have unlocked and equipped some of the best weapons in the game, you will be able to quickly destroy all the dangerous foes you encounter on the battlefield. However, this will only happen if you own the right guns, that suit your gameplay and that can inflict immense damage. Along with that, the weapon should also possess some great stats that you can enhance by equipping the right attachments. Therefore, by going through our list of the Best Shotguns in COD Mobile, you will be able to make the correct choice, especially when it comes to weapon selection.

Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile

R9-0 Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile


R9-0 is easily one of the best Shotguns and is considered to be a fan favorite according to most CODM players. Although it is known for possessing incredible stats, you will be able to use this shotgun effectively when it is used as a close-range weapon, due to its limited range. Additionally, this weapon is equipped with a ton of features like high damage and accuracy along with the following unique in-game stats –

  • Damage – 17×12
  • Fire Rate – 34
  • Accuracy – 49
  • Mobility – 86
  • Range – 38
  • Controls – 42
KRM-262 Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile


The KRM-262 is known for taking out its opponents with one shot. Similar to the R9-0, it is not a long-range weapon, however, it can still be effectively used at medium range. The only slight flaw of this weapon is its slow fire rate. With accurate timing and a precise aim, this flaw can be easily overlooked. In addition to this, players can customize and equip the different attachments they want in order to make this shotgun even more powerful. Here are its in-game stats –

  • Damage – 98
  • Fire Rate – 28
  • Accuracy – 51
  • Mobility – 73
  • Range – 39
  • Controls – 42
JAK-12 Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile


JAK-12 is another dynamic shotgun that can be efficiently used once players have equipped it with the right attachments. Apart from great damage and fast fire rate, it is also known for its mobility and accuracy. Here are all the stats of this powerful weapon –

  • Damage – 17×12
  • Fire Rate – 42
  • Accuracy– 49
  • Mobility – 75
  • Range – 33
  • Controls – 42
HSO405 Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile


When used with accuracy and precision, HS0405 can be one of the best shotguns to take down all the opponents you face. Additionally, players can unlock the Ancient Runes skin for this weapon. The only flaw of this weapon is its low to average rate of fire. These are the stats of this pump-action shotgun –

  • Damage – 9×10
  • Fire Rate – 27
  • Accuracy – 45
  • Mobility – 74
  • Range – 37
  • Controls – 42
BY-15 Top 5 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile


Lastly, although this one-hit shotgun is extremely powerful, we have mentioned it at the end, as most of the weapons listed above are slightly better than this one. This shotgun’s tight hip fire pellet dispersion will deliver a good amount of damage, especially during close-raged attacks. You can also check out all the in-game stats of this dynamic shotgun –

  • Damage – 98
  • Fire Rate – 29
  • Accuracy – 48
  • Mobility – 71
  • Range – 40
  • Controls – 42

These are the top 5 best shotguns you can use in Call of Duty Mobile. You can browse through the list and pick the weapon that will help you rule the battlefield with its umpteen features. If you want to know more about this game, find out how you can get Shards, Vault Coins, and Skins in CODM.