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Azur Lane Tier List: Complete Break Down of The Best Ship Tier List

Here's a complete break down of each Azur lane tier, as well as their respective categories.

The Azur Lane tier list that we have brought you is totally based on their power, stats, oil, and crew costs. Making it easier for you to assess the individual ability of each Azur Lane ship, in one list of levels, you will find battleships, heavy cruisers, destroyers, heavy artillery, light cruisers, healers, submarines, and aircraft carriers.

In order to inform you who ranks where we have curated a complete list of Azur Lane ships via tier. Notably, the Azur Lane ship goes from grade D to grade S, though your choices might be changing with each grade.


If you looking for a grade to start with, we would recommend beginning with grade D as it is regarded as the best ship. Notably, grade D is not capable to cut it for the long haul. At the same time, you can choose grade S in terms of firepower, evasion, defense, and strength. Yes, if you are looking for the best choice to go ahead, grade S is highly recommended.

Besides grade D and grade S, there are other Azur Lane tiers that also worth experiencing. Without any further ado, let’s break down all the Azur Lane tier and their respective categories. Notably, we have enlisted their name, what kind of class they belong to and their position, and which nation they serve.


  • Izuzu – Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Zeppy – Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Ironblood)
  • Chaser – Light Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Royal Navy)

C Tier

  • Curacoa Retrofit – Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Newcastle Retrofit – Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Kagerou Retrofit – Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Tanikaze – Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Sendai Retrofit – Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Curlew Retrofit – Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Hiryuu – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Souryuu – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • London – Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Wichita – Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Arizona – Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Fumiruiru – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Utawarerumono)
  • Anniversary Kizuna Ai – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Kizuna Ai)
  • Akagi – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Zuikaku – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shoukaku – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shangri -La- Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Taihou – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Prinz Eugen– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Belfast – Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Kawakaze – Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Sirius – Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)


B Tier

  • Hyuuga Retrofit – Aviation Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Shouhou – Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Ark Royal – Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Kizuna AI – Destroyer, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
  • Cleveland – Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Columbia – Light Cruiser, Elite (Eagle Union)
  • Nicholas Retrofit – Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Z1 Retrofit – Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Javelin – Destroyer, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Little Bel– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Aurora– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Queen Elizabeth– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • U-81– Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • I-19– Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
  • Kaga– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Izumo– Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • North Carolina– Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Elegant Kizuna AI– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
  • Ibuki– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Albacore– Submarine, Support (Eagle Union)

Talking about the B tier ships, they are way better than C and D Tier in Azur Like. Reportedly, B tier will eventually run out of steam unless you know how to handle yourself in battle.


A Tier

  • Portland Retrofit– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Saratoga Retrofit– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Laffey Retrofit– Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Z23 Retrofit– Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • Vestal– Repair Ship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Jintsuu Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Mogami Retrofit– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Jean Bart– Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
  • Tirpitz– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Washington– Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Hood– Battle Cruiser, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • U-101– Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • I-168– Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
  • Amagi– Battle Cruiser, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • King George V– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Bismarck– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Saint Louis– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Iris Libre)
  • Montpelier– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Neptune– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Eldridge– Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Illustrious– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Swiftsure– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
  • Graf Zeppelin– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Bunker Hill– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Mikasa– Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Kitakaze– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)

S Tier

  • Yat-Sen Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ning Hai Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ping Hai Retrofit- Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
  • Ayanami– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Unicorn- Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Helena– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Duke of York– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Minneapolis– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • I-13– Submarine Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • U-47– Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
  • Centaur– Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Essex- Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Enterprise– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Warspite Retrofit– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Monarch– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
  • Roon– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
  • San Diego Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Yukikaze– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
  • Akashi– Repair Ship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Nagato– Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
  • Gascogne– Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
  • Georgia– Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
  • Seattle– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
  • Friedrich der Grosse– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
  • Azuma– Large Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)

Talking about the S tier in Azulr Line, it is surely the best to experience. There are some of them which are quite rare but all the more valuable when it comes to victory.