Best Minecraft World Seeds For Bedrock

Here are some of the Best World Seeds for your Minecraft Bedrock Version that you should try at least

Here’s a list of the best Minecraft World Seeds for Bedrock Edition. It includes all the major platforms that are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and Mobile.

In this sandbox game, each time you create and customize your world, it will be given a numeric value. That numeric value is known as Minecraft Seeds. Although, there are some Seeds (Codes) available on the internet that you can use to generate an iconic world. Don’t worry, you may not have to search for them yourselves as this guide has it all. Read till the end to know some of the Best Minecraft Bedrock World Seeds that you should try in 2023.

Minecraft Best World Seeds for Bedrock Version

Best Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Here are some of the best Minecraft World Seeds for you to explore:

Village Next to an Ocean

Best Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you are a great fan of Village Seeds, then this seed is meant for you. Upon spawning, you will see an island (spawn point) next to a beautiful wide blue ocean. Besides this, there is an Ancient City like Stronghold combined with a Mineshaft and Ruined Portal for you to explore under the ground.

  • World Seed: 6168669096356993368

Floating Forest

Best Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This Minecraft seed generates a world with a Vista of beautiful Mountains, Waterfalls, Secret Hiding locations, and Floating Forest Mountains in it. It is a seed that will help you boost your crafting and building due to its unique natural structure. Make sure to try out and enjoy the flora and fauna of this Seed on your Minecraft Bedrock edition.

  • World Seed: 2499381213956999407

Desert, Forest, Badlands & What Not?


In this Minecraft Seed, players spawn in a Jungle Temple closer to another Desert Temple. In this free-to-explore world, it is up to you what you want to explore first, the biomes above the ground, or the large caves beneath.

  • World Seed: -8096766667026970250

Meadow Crater


This seed generates one of the most beautiful worlds in Bedrock. There are two lakes surrounded by huge crater walls covered by a vast grassland. Separated from the outer world, one of the lakes is home to the Pillagers while the other lake has an outpost. Once you have tackled them, you are free to convert this place into your dream destination.

  • World Seed: 67619840875569018

Summer & Winters


Looking for the most diverse Minecraft World? Well, this Seed can help you get one. In the south, you will find the coldest snowy mountains, whereas, in the north, there is a tropical warm biome. Further, in between, you will find high mountain peaks along with forests hiding a secret dungeon under one of the houses (-343, 108, 144).

  • Minecraft World Seed: -3159304593527618936

Thanks for Minecraft & Chill (YouTube) for allowing us to get a gist of these amazing seeds!

That covers everything on the Best Minecraft World Seeds that work on Bedrock Edition. While you are here, make sure to check out our guide where we have listed the Best Village Seeds & Deep Dark Seed. Also, you can take a look at our Minecraft Category for more such content.