Best Scope To Use For Snipers In Jagged Alliance 3

Find out how you can obtain the best scope in Jagged Alliance 3.

Do you want to make your sniper rifle more overpowered with the best scope in Jagged Alliance 3? Then this guide has the answer you are looking for. Whether it’s playing stealthily or providing cover for your team of mercenaries, having the best sniper rifle is vital in a game such as this. It will always give you an upper hand as you will be able to wipe enemy units faster by consuming less ammo. However, your long-range rifle will be incomplete without a good scope. Since there are several scopes available, it can be difficult to pick out the best. If you are confused too, then our guide is here to help you.

Best Scope in Jagged Alliance 3

thermal scope jagged alliance 3

The Thermal scope is quite easily the best scope in Jagged Alliance 3. If you aim three times with the Thermal, it will nullify all cover and weather penalties. Using this scope will help you eliminate more targets faster. The best part is that it works no matter what build you have chosen. If you want to one-shot every enemy in your cross-hair, then the Thermal scope is surely the best option to go for.

Apart from the Thermal, you also have the prism scope, 5x, 10x, and quick-prism scopes. The Prism scope works best for players who don’t reposition as often. If you like sticking to one location while sniping, then the Prism scope should work for you. However, the Thermal scope’s ability to negate weather conditions and enemy cover, makes it the best all-rounder scope in the game.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the best Scope in Jagged Alliance 3. We hope that this guide helped you excel as a sniper in the game. For more tips, you can also check out the best weapons to use, how to stealth kill, and more in our Jagged Alliance 3 section.