MultiVersus: Best Reindog Perks

These are the perks best suited to be used with Reindog.

Reindog is a support character that can be very useful when you play with its best perks. Support characters are usually meant for 2v2, so most people don’t expect to find them of any use in 1v1. But Reindog is a character that if you master, can let you hold your own well even in 1v1. And having the right perks can help you with it. So in this guide let us check the best perks to use with Reindog in MultiVersus.

Best Perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

multiversus best reindog perks

Since Reindog is a support character, the perks suggested below are offense and support-focused.

  • Perks
    • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down: This is an offensive perk for Reindog. Equipping it allows you to deal 5% extra damage when hitting enemies that are debuffed. When stacked this damage doubles to 10%.
    • Make It Rain, Dog!: This is another offensive perk for Reindog. This perk gives your team 20% increased projectile speed. And when you stack it, it gives you 25% increased projectile speed.
    • Fancy Footwork: This last perk is a utility perk. It gives your team 5% increased dodge distance. And when you stack this perk the dodge distance increases to 10%.
  • Signature Perk
    • Fire Fluff: This perk makes Reindog’s fireball create a larger firewall upon hitting the ground.

How to Unlock Perks for Reindog

To unlock these perks you have to increase your Mastery level for Reindog. Here is the mastery level you need for each perk.

  • Perks
    • Make It Rain, Dog!: Tier 2
    • Fancy Footwork: Tier 4
    • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down: Tier 7
    • Static Electricity: Tier 11
    • Tasmanian Trigonometry: Tier 12
    • Retaliation-Ready: Tier 13
  • Signature Perks
    • Crystal Pal: Tier 8
    • Fire Fluff: Tier 10

That covers this guide on the best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus and how to unlock them. If you feel that a support character isn’t for you then maybe you should try a tank, check out our guide on the best perks for Iron Giant in this game.