MultiVersus: Best Iron Giant Perks

These are the perks best suited to be used with Iron Giant.

One of the strongest characters to main in MultiVersus is Iron Giant especially when you have the best perks for him. Iron Giant is a hefty tank in MultiVersus. He may be the slowest character in this fighting game. But while it can absorb massive amounts of damage it can also return an almost equivalent amount of damage to the enemy. So in this guide let us check the best perks to use with Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

Best Perks for Iron Giant in MultiVersus

multiversus best iron giant perks

Since Iron Giant can already absorb and deal huge amounts of damage, you should focus your playstyle around it. These are the perks that let you make the most of his offensive capabilities.

  • Perks
    • Wildcat Brawler: This is an offensive type perk. It allows your team to deal 5% more damage with melee attacks on the ground. When you stack this perk, the damage doubles up to 10%.
    • The Purest of Motivations: This perk is a Utility type of perk. After an ally gets rung out, this perk lets your team deal 15% increased damage for the next 10 seconds. It gets better when stacked, if your ally also has it, the 15% more damage lasts for the next 15 seconds instead of 10.
    • Boundless Energy: This is a defensive perk. Boundless Energy allows your team to receive dodge invulnerability recharge 10% faster. And when you stack this perk this buff doubles to 20% faster instead of 10%.
  • Signature Perk
    • Afterburners: This perk allows the boots of Iron Giant to ignite the ground. It lets you can attack your enemies with firewalls.

In case you do want to switch things around, I would still recommend keeping Afterburners as your Signature Perk. But you can mess around with the other perks of his to see what works for you, and helps you synergize with your ally.

How to Unlock Perks for Iron Giant

To unlock these perks, simply increase your Mastery level for Iron Giant. Here is the mastery level needed for each perk.

  • Perks
    • Boundless Energy: Tier 2
    • The Purest of Motivations: Tier 4
    • School Me Once…: Tier 7
    • Retaliation-Ready: Tier 11
    • Wildcat Brawler: Tier 13
  • Signature Perks
    • Afterburners: Tier 8
    • Static Discharge: Tier 10
    • Wrong Side of the Bed: Tier 12

That covers this guide on the best perks for Iron Giant in MultiVersus and how to unlock them. In case this tank doesn’t work for you then check our guide on the best perks for Wonder Woman, as she is another tank in this game.