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Best Rapier Build In New World For PvP & PvE

Read this guide to learn how you can get the best Rapier build in New World.

The Rapier in New World is quite popular among players because of its quick and nimble style of play, and the right build for it just further enhances its power. Despite all of its ferocity, it has a graceful style that can deal immense damage with just one target. While it may not be very strong defensively, its attack does make a strong case for it. With the right build, you will be able to get the absolute best out of it. In this guide, we will walk you through the top build for this weapon for both PvP as well as PvE.

Best Rapier Build In New World for PvP & PvE



Best PvP Build

For PvP, we recommend you go ahead with the Rapier and Life Staff build. This build ranks quite high because of the fact that the life staff is one of the best weapons ever in New World. The Life Staff also is a great source of healing. The Life Staff is also a ranged weapon, making it difficult to get you killed when engaged in PvP battles. We recommend you place most of your points in Focus and some towards the Constitution. We also recommend you use medium armor for this build.


An alternative to the Life Staff is the Fire Staff or the Ice Gauntlet. The Staff offers immense damage potential, while the Ice Gauntlet will offer great crowd control.

Now that we know the best build for PvP, let us check out the recommended abilities.

Recommended PvP abilities

  • Fleche – With the help of the Fleche, you will be able to lunge forward quickly as you approach your enemies. Because of this, you will be able to inflict extra damage upon enemies. The best place to use the Fleche is in situations where you feel cornered and need to get out of them quickly.
  • Evade – As the name suggests, the Evade ability will allow you to quickly execute a sidestep. Doing so will let you get a shot at escaping, while also enabling a very fast attack. We recommend you use this particular ability as much as possible.
  • Riposte – With Riposte, you will be able to receive a tiny one-second window. During this time, any enemy that attacks you will be stunned for a period of 1.5 seconds. As soon as you notice an enemy getting ready to attack you, you should implement this ability to put yourself in an advantageous situation.

Now, here are the recommended Life Staff abilities for PvP.

Recommended Life Staff PvP abilities

  • Beacon – The beacon is a projectile that will heal all friends in and around the surroundings.
  • Sacred Ground – Staying with the bubble of the Sacred Ground will help you heal very quickly.
  • Light’s Embrace – The Light’s Embrace will help you successfully cast a heal upon either yourself or your friends.

This was the recommended Rapier build for PvP. Let us now check out the best PvP build for this weapon.

Best PvE Rapier Build

If you wish to use the Rapier during PvE battles, we recommend you use the rapier and fire staff build. With the Fire Staff, you will receive the kind of range that helps the rapier turn into a better all-round weapon, complete with devastating damage. If you wish to, you can also use this build for PvP.

You can use either light or medium armor for this build. The armor you use for this build depends entirely on your needs during battle. For this build, we recommend you commit the maximum amount of points towards intelligence. You should also dedicate some points towards constitution and dexterity.

Let us check out the recommended abilities for this build.

Recommended Abilities for PvE

  • Fleche – As we mentioned earlier, the Fleche will help you rush right through your enemies, helping you enhance your mobility. This is a great ability if you want to escape in the open world.
  • Flurry – With the help of the Flurry ability, you will be able to deal 5 strikes in quick succession. This increases damage rapidly, and the damage only gets more intense when all of the strikes connect. The best part of this ability is the fact that you can buff it with gear that will allow you to generate chain damage to enemies in the surroundings.
  • Evade – As mentioned earlier, this quick ability lets you perform a rapid sidestep, helping you gain an advantage over your enemies.

Recommended Fire Staff Abilities

  • Burnout – The Burnout ability will help you move right through your enemies. When you do so, you will notice that your enemies will be set alight. This ability, combined with the Rapier results in a high-damage ability.
  • Fireball – As the name suggests, this ability will shoot a really strong fireball, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.
  • Pillar of Fire – With this ability, you will be able to inflict immense damage upon a targeted opponent.

This brings us to the end of this guide on the best Rapier build for both PvP as well as PvE in New World. While we have included a build each for the different modes of this game, you can always choose to switch between the builds and the armor, depending on your needs.

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