Destiny 2: Best PVP Hand Cannons

Destiny 2 has a plethora of hand cannons, so check out the best ones in PvP mode.

Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 are preferred by many players in PvP modes. With constant buffs and nerfs from Bungie, the gun meta changes from time to time. However, some weapons survive the nerfs and still come out on top. Your weapon choice will be a major factor while battling other players. In this guide, we will mention the 5 best powerful hand cannons in Destiny 2 for PvP mode.

Best 5 PvP Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

  • Ace of Spades
  • Austringer
  • Rose
  • Eyasluna
  • Exalted Truth

1. Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades best pvp hand cannon in Destiny 2

The Ace of Spades became a fan-favorite in PvP mode as soon as it was introduced in Destiny 2. With a great range, this weapon could annihilate enemies in mere two taps. Due to its Memento Mori trait, it is still one of the best PvP weapons even after two nerfs. This trait grants the players a few extra damage bullets for reloading after a kill. Moreover, it also grants radar while aiming down sights.

2. Austringer

Austringer Hand Cannon

Apart from its clean aesthetic, the Austringer is a lethal weapon in an experienced player’s hand. Its Eye of the Storm and Opening Shot combination makes it a fairly versatile gun. Apart from that, players can craft this weapon. Meaning, they can choose the enhanced variants of the perks to create this hand cannon. This weapon with a maxed-out god roll can turn out to be the best in this category.

3. Rose

Rose Hand Cannon

The Rose is a great weapon for players who use the run-and-gun strategy in Destiny 2’s PvP mode. With its lightweight frame, you can move around quickly. Combine that with perks like Fluted Barrel and Alloy Magazine, and you have a weapon with near-perfect handling. Then, you can add an Explosive Payload to give your weapon an AoE damage.

4. Eyasluna

Eyasluna Hand Cannon D2

The Eyasluna from D1 returned to Destiny 2 on Bungie’s 30th Anniversary update. This hand cannon has excellent stats across the board, making it a well-balanced weapon. It has the highest base range and stability compared to other hand cannons. That combined with the Movin Target skill in the fourth column will help you hit headshots easily.

5. Exalted Truth

Exhalted Truth gun

Exalted Truth is another hand cannon with excellent base stats and can easily complete with powerful guns like Eyasluna and Palindrome. The Perk pool for this weapon is equally impressive. You can combine Rangefinder and Kill Clip, which was only possible on old Kinetic Hand Cannons.

These are the best hand cannons in Destiny 2 for PvP mode. Note that this list is based on our playstyle and can change from player to player. While you’re here, check out how our exotic weapons tier list in our D2 guides section.

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