Best Final Fantasy 16 Settings For PS5 (Controller & Graphics)

Want to explore FFXVI on the best graphics? Here are the best Final Fantasy 16 graphics and controller settings on PlayStation 5.

With the release of Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) on PlayStation 5, players across the globe are looking for the best controller and graphics settings. In this installment of the FF series, you will take control of Clive Rosfield and go on multiple adventures. On these adventures, you will face mysterious beings and strong dominants. These fights can be demanding, but knowing the best controller settings can help. Moreover, the land of Valisthea is beautiful and to enjoy it to the fullest, here are the best FFXVI settings for PS5.

Final Fantasy 16 Best PlayStation 5 Controller Settings

Best PS5 Controller Settings for FFXVI
Here are the best FF16 controller settings for PS5:

  • Move Around: Left Stick
  • Camera: Right Stick
  • Animal Instinct: Hold L3
  • Reset Camera/Cycle Target (When Locked On): R3
  • Limit Break: L3 + R3
  • Lock On: L1
  • Cycle Eikons: L2
  • Evade: R1
  • Ready Eikonic Abilities: Hold R2
  • Taunt: R2 + Touchpad
  • Use Shortcuts and Pet Commands: Up, Right, and Down D-Pad Buttons
  • Cycle Shortcuts and Pet Commands: Left D-Pad Button
  • Magic: Triangle
  • Eikonic Feat: Circle
  • Jump: X (Cross)
  • Melee Attack: Square
  • Main Menu: Options

Once you’ve selected the controller layout with these keybindings i.e. Type A, you can move on to the FFXVI graphics and in-game settings.

FF16 Best PS5 Graphics Settings

Action and Story Focused Graphic modes

During the gameplay, we noticed the game to be a bit darker. We recommend you increase the brightness a little. Keeping that in mind, here are the best Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) graphics settings for PS5.

  • Screen Brightness: 8
  • Subtitles: On
  • Wireless Controller Vibration: On
  • Game Performance: Graphics
  • Visual Alerts: On
  • Visual Alert Size: 80
  • Visual Alert Opacity: 70
  • Gameplay: Story Focused
  • Camera Movement Speed: 5
  • Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal): 3
  • Camera Sensitivity (Vertical): 3

We recommend you set the Game Performance to Graphics since your PlayStation 5 can run the game at 4K 30 FPS upscaled from 1440p. However, if you choose the Frame Rate mode, then your PS5 will run FFXVI at 1440p 60 FPS upscaled from 1080p. This seems like a downgrade if you have a 2K or 4K TV.

As we mentioned, we’ve increased the screen brightness to view the darker parts of the game. However, you can notice screen bleeding on some frames so you can set it according to your preference.

Gameplay is another setting you can change. In Story Focused mode, the combat is easy compared to the Action Focused mode. So if you’re more into fast-paced and grand battles, then we recommend you switch to the Action Focused mode.

We hope this guide helped you select the best Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) graphics and controller settings for PS5. If you want more helpful guides on this game like how to skip cutscenes, then we recommend you visit our FFXVI guides section.