Project Zomboid Build 41 – Best Mods To Install

Read this guide to learn about the best Project Zomboid Build 41 mods for you to install and enjoy.

Project Zomboid Build 41 is an enthralling and bone-chilling zombie survival game, and that experience can be further enhanced by installing mods. While some might argue that mods dilute the experience of a game, Project Zomboid actually gets even more exciting with the addition of some really cool mods. While there are several different types of mods for the game out there that might confuse people, we’ve decided to make things simpler for you. That is why in today’s guide we will show you what we believe are the best mods for this amazing survival experience. These are mods that will help you while also amplifying the element of thrill in Build 41 of Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid Build 41 – Best Mods to Install


Sound Direction Indicator Mod in Project Zomboid Build 41

Perhaps one of the best and most helpful Project Zomboid Build 41 mods out there. The Sound Direction Indicator mod helps identify and highlight the direction of any sound in the game. This means that if a zombie makes some sort of noise, you will find a tiny red arrow that points you in the direction of the sound.

Link:- Sound Direction Indicator

Scrap Armor, Weapons, Guns

As the names suggest, this particular mod in Project Zomboid provides weapons, guns, and armor that are made purely from scrap parts in a workshop. Before you go ahead with this mod, however, you will need to have the workshop mod with you too.

Foraging Buff

Foraging around the map to look for unique items is one of the key elements of Project Zomboid Build 41. However, doing so with the new update can be easier said than done. The Foraging Buff mod takes care of this dilemma by helping you out with a unique search feature.

Link:- Foraging Buff

Spear Trap

The Spear Trap mod offers you the ability to lay a simple spear trap and kill any zombies wandering around it. All you need to do to get going is dig a grave and fashion a spear.

Link:- Spear Trap

Zombie Camouflage

With the help of this particular mod, you will find yourself sneaking past zombies without them even knowing. You will be able to do so by camouflaging with zombie blood.

Link:- Zombie Camouflage

Better Sorting

For all those of you with gaming OCD, this mod is a godsend. As the name quite obviously suggests, the Better Sorting mod helps you achieve a neat, clean, and organized inventory. It does so by adding tags to different items. These tags describe the purpose of the game, helping you identify and find them quickly whenever you need them.

Link:- Better Sorting


The PZ-ClothingUI mod works just like the Better Sorting mod in Project Zomboid. This time, you will find that your clothing items are now organized in a neater manner than before. The mod categorizes your clothing and armor screens, helping make things way easier.

Link:- PZ-ClothingUI

Jump Through Windows Mod in Project Zomboid Build 41

This one’s quite a simple mod in Project Zomboid. All it lets you do is quite literally jump through windows. In order to do so, you just need to run right at the window and the next thing you know, you will find yourself flying through the glass. Before you fly though, make sure to keep the window open. The last thing you want is to see yourself covered in glass pieces all over.

Link:- Jump Through Windows

Antique Armory Mod in Project Zomboid Build 41

This mod in Project Zomboid Build 41 adds loads of ancient and medieval weapons.

Link:- Antique Armory Mod

Eliaz Better Bags and Backpacks

This mod helps increase the weight capacity of the backpacks and bags in Project Zomboid Build 41. Additionally, it also offers you the option to wear fanny packs, satchels, and backpacks at the same time. This helps increase your storage potential.

Link:- Eliaz Better Bags and Backpacks

So there you have it. This was our compilation of the 10 best mods for Build 41 of Project Zomboid. As you can see, each of these mods has the potential to help you in unique ways. They serve to further enhance and enrich the experience of what is already a genuinely fun game to play.

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