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Best Pokemon Teams For Ranked Battles Series 1 In Scarlet & Violet

Here are the best teams you should use for Ranked Battle series 1.

Pokemon Ranked Battle Series 1 has started for Scarlet & Violet and many players are looking for the best teams. The Series started on 2nd December 2022 and will last till 31st January 2023. While you may want to take your favorite Pokemon to the battle. Paradox, Legendaries, and some other Pokemon are not allowed to be used. Thus making your team around the current meta can be a bit tough. So in this guide check out the 3 best teams for Singles and Double Battles for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ranked Series 1.


Best Teams for Ranked Battle Series 1 in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet and violet best teams for ranked series

The Best Ranked Battle teams should have the following Pokemon.

  • Team 1: Snow Room
    • Abomasnow
    • Cetitan
    • Gholdengo
    • Murkrow
    • Annihilape
    • Arcanine
  • Team 2: Trick Room
    • Meowscarada
    • Torkoal
    • Indeedee (Female)
    • Mudsdale
    • Slaking
    • Gastrodon
  • Team 3: High Offense
    • Hariyama
    • Gengar
    • Gholdengo
    • Murkrow
    • Garchomp
    • Cetitan

These teams are best suited for Double Battles. But if you strategize well and use their moves correctly you should also be able to use them effectively in Single Battles. It will also be ideal if you EV Train their best stats to get the most advantage in battle.


Before checking the teams out, I have only suggested the most important moves for these Pokemon. You should fill the other move slots as per your choice. Try teaching them Status moves to be useful as support if needed. Or you can also teach them moves of other types to balance out the Attack types you have as much as possible. Here is how each team can be effective.

Snow Room – Best Ranked Battle Team in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Abomasnow is a crucial Pokemon in this setup because of its ability Snow Warning. It will create a hailstorm when it enters the battle. You can either send your second Pokemon as Cetitan with it or Murkrow with the ability Prankster. Murkrow is good for using Tailwind to boost the speed of your team for the next 4 turns.


Since it is Ice focused, teach your Abomasnow moves like Blizzard and Ice punch. You can also teach your Cetitan moves like Ice Spinner. Also having Protect on it can help you protect the Pokemon on your team from getting attacked. Making it work both offensively and as a support.

Aside from these two Pokemon your Gholdengo should learn Make It Rain, and Murkrow should know moves like Tailwind and Assurance. Teach Annihilape moves like Close Combat and Shadow Ball.


Finally, teach your Arcanine Flare Blitz and Flame Thrower. Its Ability Intimidate can also be handy for lowering your opponent’s Attack.

Team 2: Trick Room

Meowscarada is important here as you have to teach it the move Trick Room. This will make it so that slower Pokemon get to attack first for the next 5 turns.

Now for the rest of your team, you should teach Torkoal moves like Eruption and Will-O-Wisp. Indeedee-F should know Psychic and Protect. Teach Mudsdale High Horsepower and Earthquake for some powerful Physical damage.

Finally, teach Slaking Hammer Arm and Ice Punch. And for Gastrodon you can teach moves like Sludge Bomb and Stone Edge.

Team 3: High Offense

As the name implies you will be going here for high offense.

Teach your Hariyama Belly Drum to raise its attack by 6 stats. And also teach it Drain Punch so that it can recover its HP. Sending out your Cetitan and making it use Protect on your Hariyama can help improve its Survivability. Also, teach Cetitan some ice moves like Ice Spinner or Blizzard.

The moves for Gholdengo and Murkrow are the same as those given in team 1. Finally, for Garchomp you should teach it moves like Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Draco Meteor, and Earth Power.

That covers this guide on the best Teams to use in Ranked Battle Series 1 in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for Singles and Double Battles. I think you would also be interested in learning about the best Pokemon for Solo Tera Raids. And for more help on other such topics be sure to check out our Pokemon SV section.