Best Indigo Disk Pokemon Team For Elite 4 And Champion

Need an optimized team to take down Kieran in Pokemon Indigo Disk? Here is the team you should use.

While there are a ton of Pokemon that you can catch in the Paldea region, especially when you take in the Teal Mask DLC. In the end, you can only have a maximum team of 6 Pokemon. As such with the Indigo Disk DLC being out, it can be difficult to pick the right Pokemon that can deal with the Elite 4 and the Champion. But worry not, no matter what starter you went ahead with while starting your journey, the following teams have got you covered.

Best Pokemon Indigo Disk Team

Best Pokemon Teams For Indigo Disk DLC
Image Credits: Nintendo UK on YouTube

These are the 6 Pokemon you should use.

  • Meowscarada Team
    • Meowscarada (Grass/Dark)
    • Azumaril (Water/Fairy)
    • Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting)
    • Kingambit (Dark/Steel)
    • Armarouge (Fire/Psychic) or Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost)
    • Baxcalibur (Dragon/Ice)
  • Skeledirge Team
    • Skeledirge (Fire/Ghost)
    • Azumaril (Water/Fairy)
    • Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting)
    • Kingambit (Dark/Steel)
    • Arboliva (Grass/Normal)
    • Baxcalibur (Dragon/Ice)
  • Quaquaval
    • Quaquaval (Water/Fighting)
    • Revavroom (Poison/Steel)
    • Kingambit (Dark/Steel)
    • Armarouge (Fire/Psychic) or Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost)
    • Arboliva (Grass/Normal)
    • Baxcalibur (Dragon/Ice)

In case you plan to ditch your starters, then you can consider the Pokemon from the above teams and fill up the last slot from these options based on the types you may lack:

  • Annihilape (Fighting/Ghost)
  • Cetitan (Ice)
  • Palafin (Water)
  • Roaring Moon (Dragon/Dark)
  • Iron Valiant (Fairy/Fighting)

Do remember that just having the type advantage with these Pokemon won’t be enough. The E4 and champion all will be using level 75+ Pokemon. So make sure to train them and level up to match your Pokemon levels with your opponents. Also, make sure to use TMs so that they have the best moves that give them the STAB bonus to help fight the Elite 4 and champion better.

The reason we chose this team is while keeping in mind what Pokemon the Elite 4 and Champion Kieran will be using. It is important to have some Pokemon that can counter all of them.

  • Crispin – Uses Fire Type Pokemon
  • Amarys – Uses Steel Type Pokemon
  • Lacey – Uses Fairy Type Pokemon
  • Drayton – Uses Dragon Type Pokemon

Meanwhile, Kieran being the Champion has a very balanced team, which consists of:

  • Politoed (Water)
  • Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
  • Grimmsnarl (Dark/Fairy)
  • Porygon-Z (Normal)
  • Incineroar (Fire/Dark)
  • Hydrapple (Grass/Dragon)

That’s it for this list of the best teams to use in Pokemon Indigo Disk. If you need help completing your Pokedex then you should check out our Indigo Disk Trade Codes list. And for more help on this game check out our Scarlet and Violet section.