Best Sims 3 Mods to Use

Want to make your gameplay more realistic? Check out our guide to find out the best Mods to try out in the Sims 3.

Being a life simulator game, the Sims 3 offers one of the best realistic experiences. For some players in the community, it might even be better than the Sims 4. That’s because of the plethora of choices for Mods the game features. As it’s been more than a decade since Sims 3 was released, Mods can be a great way to revisit the game. But which ones to download and install? Check out our guide to find out the best Sims 3 Mods to try out.

Best Sims 3 Mods to Try Out

We have compiled some of the best mods recommended for better gameplay and a realistic experience. So, here are the best mods you can try out in the game:

No Fridge Shopping

As the name already suggests, this Sims mod prevents players from shopping for ingredients from the fridge. Due to this, you save the money that would have been spent on buying from the fridge. You can head over to a supermarket or grocery to buy these ingredients. Alternatively, you can also produce the vegetables or ingredients yourselves. The No Fridge shopping mod (link) adds a layer of realism to your Sims. If you don’t like buying ingredients from the fridge, this immersive mod might be the right pick for you.

Traveler Mod – Best Mod in Sims 3

For the Sims players that like to travel to different places, the Traveler mod (link) might ease up your travel journey. Regardless of which town you move the particular Sim, you won’t lose their relationships. Along with that, you don’t even lose your legacy saves. While using this mod, you can send the Sims for a custom vacation. You can also permanently enjoy the vacation world or for as long as you want to. But you can go on vacation only while playing the Travel family on Vacation. In addition to that, there are also several customizable options you can check out for better gameplay.

Grow (Natural Ageing)

Every Sim takes their own time growing up depending on the life expectancy or life span. But with the Consort Grow mod (link), the Children and Teens simulate the physical process of growing up every night. Once they reach adulthood, the simulation returns to normal. You can enable this Mod for all the Sims in a specific town. Alternatively, you can also disable this mod using the “!Clean Up” option. Along with growing up toddlers and teens, the Grow Mod also changes their voice.

best sims 3 mods


Looking to plague your town with realistic viral threats? The Vector mod (link) is a customizable disease loader that simulates different kinds of diseases in your town. There are various modules for this mod that allows you to inflict several diseases into the town. This includes the Zombie module for Vector that causes Zombie-related diseases. But for better functionality, you need to install the Supernatural mod. Another module includes the Vector Goofy module which allows you to cause non-fatal diseases like Laugh Riot or different Accidents.

No Stretch Children Can

Unlike adults, some actions are limited for Children in the Sims 3. It can be pretty boring to control the children. With the “No Stretch Children Can mod” (link), you can convert adult actions or motions into Children. So, that the children can perform day-to-day activities just like an adult. This includes doing laundry, paying bills, making Elixir, taking a hot bath, and more actions. This mod is a kind of hack or workaround for Children to zap into adulthood.

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Sims 1 Music

This mod is recommended for the old-school Sims players that are nostalgic about its soundtrack. As the name suggests, this mod replaces all the in-game Sims 3 songs and music with the Sims 1 soundtrack. In my opinion, only the older generations that have played the first OG Sims game would relate to this mod. While it’s a pretty simple mod, the Sims 1 Music mod (link) can help some players relive the older days.


As one of your Sims crash the bed, you can choose the option for their dreams. But with the Dreamer Mod (link), your Sims can satisfy themselves with unlocked dreams when they meet their criteria. This mod alters the Dream Management system in Sims 3 allowing you several other options. You can also fulfill Lifetime Wishes with this mod as they are also a special kind of dream. But as exciting as it sounds, we suggest reading the description of the Dreamer mod before tweaking it (link).

That’s everything covered about the best Sims 3 Mods to try out. If you liked this guide, check out the full list of all Sims 3 cheats, and more Sims 4 Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.