The 10 Best Scarlet Nexus Mods 2024

This guide lists the 10 best mods you can use to get the best out of Scarlet Nexus in-game!

Scarlet Nexus hit markets in June 2021 and has since invited some of the best mods to be applied in-game thanks to its immersive experience. In this guide, we’ll highlight 10 of the best mods you can use in Scarlet Nexus.

10 Best Mods For Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus has a variety of mods from which you can select your preferred ones. We’ve listed out the 10 best mods you can use in-game.

Improved Visuals Mod – Best Scarlet Nexus Mod

This mod was initially designed as a fix to a few camera angle issues in Scarlet Nexus. The game initially faced a lot of issues and complaints. This included users saying that the scenes felt blurry, which happened frequently when temporal anti-aliasing was on. The came this mod and immediately solved a lot of issues for the community that basically saw an increased aesthetic applied in-game. You can almost immediately make out quite a difference once this mod is applied.

Comic Sans Mod

Are you finding the text in-game a little too small and unappealing? Wait no more, and download this mod. The comic sans mod converts each character, word and line in-game to comic sans. This mod has caused many to argue that comic sans is really the type of font that the devs should’ve incorporated from the start. We can see why users are finding this so appealing- The text in-game feels more lively and related to the occurrences. Moreover, it gives a really nice overall touch to an already amazing game, who could complain?

Difficulty Multiplier Mod

As a Scarlet Nexus player, it’s no secret that the enemies in this game are probably the weakest. You’ll notice how enemies often die a bit too soon which gets boring. Gamers need those groggy enemies that cost a brain crash to eliminate! This mod does precisely what its name says- it makes the game a little more difficult. Note that this mod can only be used in Hard Mode. The default values in-game are as follows

    • Easy: 1.5x damage dealt, 0.5x damage taken.
    • Normal: 1x damage dealt, 1x damage taken.
    • Hard: 0.8x damage dealt, 1.2x damage taken.
    • However, once you apply this mod, the values in Hard mode become 0.6x damage dealt, 1.35x damage taken.

Kasane Texture Replacement Mod

This Mod lets you adjust and replace a few minor texture capabilities for Kasane in Scarlet Nexus. It’s purely graphical and won’t make much difference if you’re playing on a low resolution.

UWU Overhaul Mod

Probably the most fun mod you could ever find! This mod converts all text in-game to cute-sounding alternative fluencies for each word. The image below gives an example of what this mod does. One thing’s certain- you’re going to spend hours giggling at the text after this!

Realistic Colors SN Mod

If you want Scarlet Nexus to have a more realistic color feel to it, you definitely should check this mod out. You can even choose to enable it with clarity which gives the in-game elements more realistic tones.

Working DualSense & PlayStation Buttons Mod

This mod works best for those who prefer using a controller as compared to a keyboard in Scarlet Nexus. Moreover, the updated version of this mod even calibrates accurate vibrations. It’s ideal for those that are more accustomed to using the controller.

Ultrawide Mod – Best Scarlet Nexus Mod

This mod allows you to play the game with improved clarity and detail at 21:9 (2560*1080).

Subtle Vibrance SN Mod

If you feel the color balance in the game is a bit dull for your preference, this mod kicks it up by a mile and a half. Apply this mod to get a more sharp and heavy color presence in your game. The hues remain the same, but the colors will feel more vibrant and expressive when you apply this Mod.

Atlas ReShade Mod

We’ve saved the best filter mod in Scarlet Nexus for last! This mod analyzes the in-game color and shade grading. It then uses sharpening effects, color grading, and ambient lighting to get the in-game scene to stand out and appear more aesthetically enhanced.

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These were the 10 best Mods for Scarlet Nexus! We hope this guide helped you and that you liked it. If you like playing Scarlet Nexus, be sure to check out how you can complete the Scarlet Nexus Veteran Experience Side Quest.