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Best Jagged Alliance 3 Mods (2023)

Here is a guide on the list of all the best mods to try out in Jagged Alliance 3 and have fun.

Searching for the best mods to experience Jagged Alliance 3 like never before and up to its full potential? Then don’t worry, we have got you covered with our extensive list of some interesting mods that you can try out in the game. With the devs realizing the significance of modding and enabling it in one of the recent post-launch updates, the community is back, modding the recently launched game to enhance its gameplay even more for other players. So if you are looking to have the best gameplay experience, here is a list of mods that you shouldn’t miss out on in the game.

Best Jagged Alliance 3 Mods

Here is a list of all the best mods you can install and try out to enjoy Jagged Alliance 3 to its fullest:

Merc Inventory Size

merc inventory size mod

If you are just not happy with the inventory size your mercenary holds, then you might as well increase it to have the best performance in the game. The Merc Inventory Size mod helps you increase the inventory size to 24 slots max or have a multiplier enabled for each mercenary in the game.

Crafting items for Squad bag

crafting items to squad bag mod

And if you aren’t satisfied with increasing your inventory size, then this Crafting Items to Squad bag mod will allow you to equip certain crafting items in the squad bag. This will help you make even more space for other items to be stored in your mercenary’s inventory.

AI Generated Portrait Replacements

ai generated portrait replacement mod

Don’t like the merc portraits in Jagged Alliance 3, then you are not the only one. Many players find the portraits to be not as visually interesting in the game. So to make them more pleasing to the eye, you can install this mod to replace the portraits with some AI Generated ones. This makes the mercs even more pleasing to look at.

Expected Drop

expected drop mod jagged alliance 3

To put it simply, this mod will help you change the drop chances to more than what they are expected to be in Jagged Alliance 3. It also increases other item chances in the game, making it easy to get your hands on.


quiet merc mod jagged alliance 3

Are you a Metal Gear Fans? Well, we have a treat for you. With this mod, players will be able to hire the XOF Assassin Quiet from the Metal Gear series as a merc in Jagged Alliance 3. It makes her recruitable to your merc squad in the game making it even more interesting.


uberimp mod jagged alliance 3

Want to allocate your attribute points freely and not worry about being too weak or too dumb, then this mod is for you. The Uberimp mod will help you assign attribute points to your IMP Merc however you want. This will help keep things interesting from time to time.


evermine mod jagged alliance 3

No one can have too many diamonds in their inventory. Installing this simple mod will help your mines generate constant diamonds. This will help you more financially in the game as your mines will never run out of diamonds for you.

Cheats and Developer Enabler

cheats and developer enabler mod

This mod lets you enable the Cheats menu along with Developer mode in Jagged Alliance 3. You will be able to activate different sorts of cheats in the game to help you in your gameplay.

Active Pause

active pause mod jagged alliance 3

Wondered if you could ever pause a game in between. Well, this mod enables you actively pause the game in between by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard. This will help players take a break or strategize their next move accordingly.

Show Chance to Hit

show chance to hit mod jagged alliance 3

The Show Chance To Hit mod is one of the if not the best ones available for players. It shows the chance percentage to hit on different parts of your enemy in the game. This comes along with the health bar of every unit you will come across. It helps you have a more balanced approach than the messy one the devs intended to be.

That’s everything covered on the list of all the best mods for Jagged Alliance 3. If you are looking for Jagged Alliance 3 Cheats and Codes then check our respective guide on it, right here on Gamer Tweak.