List of Best Blade and Sorcery Mods for 2021

Star Wars, Katana, Magic, Attack of the Titan, etc. Want any of these in Blade and Sorcery?

Blade and Sorcery is an amazing VR-medieval fantasy sandbox game. It a physics-driven game allowing you to have a hand to hand combat with NPC’s. You can also throw weapons on them and use magic in the battle. The objective is to become the best warrior, ranger, or sorcerer. With mods, you can do a lot more in Blade and Sorcery. Unlock new features, try out new weapons, etc. In this guide, I am going to list some of the top mods for Blade and Sorcery.

Best Blade and Sorcery Mods for 2021

The mods below offer you amazing new features, you can download them from the Nexusmods site. Hit the link to visit the Blade and Sorcery mods download page.

1. The Outer Rim

Blade and Sorcery Star Wars Mod

Blade and Sorcery focus on medieval history. Soldiers and Knights pulled out their swords to prove their best on the battleground. If you are finding this too basic then why not teleport to a Star Wars universe. The Outrim is an amazing Blade Sorcery mod that converts the entire game into Star Wars. You can use LIght Sabers, Blasters, etc on the battlefield. The mod also adds custom maps, custom NPC’s, AI waves, a force like powers (gravity-push), and more.

2. Medieval MegaPack (U8.3 and U8.4 Beta)

Blade and Sorcery Weapons Mod

Want more weapons then try out this mod. Medieval Mega Pack Blade and Sorcery Mod install around 100+ realistic weapons in the game. With this, there are a variety of new items that makes the game lot more interesting. It is quite a popular mod to add weapons in the game. From the list of various weapon pick out the one that fits you well in the battle and help you to slash down people faster.

3. Magic Weapon Effects (U8.3)

A simple mod to add some magic to the game. Installing this mod will allow you to add magic effects on all your weapons in Blade and Sorcery. There will be various effects when the weapon interacts with the enemy. For example, it changes color when you hit an enemy. You can activate Energy Sword that produces various sounds. Also, the mod creates an explosion effect on collision. So it is a pretty cool mod allowing you to add an amazing magical effect to the game. You can also set enemies on fire.

5. Katana megapack

Blade and Sorcery Katana Mod

Not happy with the Medieval weapons in Blade and Sorcery then why try some Katanas. The mod adds a good set of Katana in the game. Swords are pulled out from different Japanese old era’s. The new version of this mod has improved control over the weapon.

6. Skilled AI U8.4

Blade and Sorcery AI Mod

This mod will make the game AI smarter. They can block your incoming attacks, use foot movements to move back, and guard themselves. The mod can make the game more challenging by adding smarter AI opponents in the game. You can play in different waves like 1v1, 2v2, 2v1, 3v1, 5v1, 10v1, etc.

7. Attack On Titan Thunder Spear U8.4 (Explosive Item Module)

Remember Attack of the Titan anime. The special force uses a special weapon to fly around and slice the back neck of Titans to destroy them. This mode does something similar. It will give you the Thunder Spear with the explosive module. You can use this weapon to tuck in the walls and fly around. It also releases explosives to destroy whoever is chasing you on the ground. Very interesting weapon to try in Blade and Sorcery.

8. Recall U8.4

Blade and Sorcery Recall Mod

Want Thor-like powers in Blade and Sorcery? Then try this mod, it lets you recall your weapon back. You can recall knives back after throwing them on enemies. A very interesting mod with some magical effects you can try in Blade and Sorcery.

The guide is under construction. We are testing out more new mods for Blade and Sorcery and will update this soon.  Till then if you are looking for some of the best older mods for Blade and Sorcery then hit the link.