Minecraft: Best Mods To Boost FPS (Reduce Lag)

Here are the 3 mods you should definitely try for boosting FPS in Minecraft.

There are several Minecraft mods available that you can use to boost your game’s FPS & Performance. But while all of them might give you similar results, some of these are just better and provide a lot more features than others. So without further ado here are the 3 best Minecraft mods for boosting your FPS, reducing lag, and improving your overall performance.

Best Mods for Minecraft to Boost FPS

The 3 Best Mods that you should absolutely try for boosting your FPS and Performance are:

  • Optifine
  • Sodium
  • BetterFps

Optifine – Best FPS Boosting Mod in Minecraft

optifine best minecraft mod to boost fps

When it comes to Minecraft and modding it, you cannot go without Optifine. It not only doubles your FPS but gives you a massive performance boost. The best part is you get all this with the support for HD textures. Here are some of the many features it provides:

  • Significant boost in FPS
  • HD Texture support
  • Shaders support
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Variable Render Distance
  • VSync
  • Better Blocks for Grass and Snow
  • Control for Chunk Loading
  • Ability to Configure Details and Animations

And the above was just to name a few, there are still many features that this mod provides. You should check our guide on how to install & use Optifine.


sodium minecraft mod

Another great option to improve your game’s FPS and reduce stuttering is using Sodium. Some of the features of this mod include faster block updates which it achieves using multi-threading. It also optimizes how the blocks and chunks are rendered to improve the game’s performance. If you plan on using it you should find our guide helpful on how to install Sodium.


betterfps minecraft mod

BetterFps is one of the other most used mods for Minecraft when it comes to improving your performance and increasing your FPS. This mod makes a lot of changes to the game’s working to make it better. These changes include how the algorithms and memory preallocation is handled. Aside from that it also changes how certain features work like the removal of fog, or altering the working of Beacon Beam, Hopper, and Beacon. These changes allows it reduce lag spikes and give you a more stable performance while playing.

That covers this guide on the list of the best FPS boosting Minecraft mods that you should try to get better Performance & smoother gameplay. Since you like playing this game, be sure to check out our other Minecraft guides.