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Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Find out which are the best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds that you can play in the new Version 1.17 Bedrock and Java Update.

Are you on the lookout for the best Minecraft Island Seeds? If so you can have a look at this list that we have compiled for you. These Seeds will help you explore various Survival Islands along the way. Just scroll down and find out the best Seeds to use.


Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

Jungle Island: 05020703


Jungle Island is one of the most wholesome seeds in the game. With this Seed, you will get a unique Survival experience. The game has a lot of resources on this map as it is a pretty decent-sized jungle that you get dropped into. So, bring out your inner Bear Grylls and go on a journey.

Bamboo Island: 6622662217031624373

As the name suggests you will be surrounded by Bamboo trees everywhere. In a nice touch, you will spawn in a location with some Pandas around too. Who said games can’t imitate real life? You will also be able to get a decent amount of resources from the game.


Survival Islands Seed with an Ocean Monument: -9191030541317174164

In this see you get dropped in the middle of an ocean between two islands. You will also be able to visit an underwater monument to get some much-needed loot. Once you do have loot, however, you will have an easier going.

Life and Death: 328211190642393298


You will enjoy this map if Zombies are more your thing. This seed will have you gather resources while protecting villagers from a horde of zombies. This will make sure that you are constantly on your toes while playing this seed.

Islands and Shipwrecks: -5313077666817127470

Live out all your Pirate fantasies as you roam this huge seed. There are various Shipwrecks that are dotting the coastline that you can visit to get some loot. Quite handy when you are on a Survival mission.

This is everything you need to know about the best Minecraft Island seeds. While you are here have a look at Minecraft Patch Notes 1.17.1 Caves & Cliffs Update.