Top 5 Minecraft Island Seeds You Should Explore

Find out which are the best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds that you can explore in Java and Bedrock editions.

Minecraft Seeds allow you to spawn on specific biomes and the survival islands are one of the best ones to explore. Here, you will be away from the mainland and survive on the resources the island offers you. So if the survival genre is your jam, then we mentioned some of the best seeds for you to check out.

Minecraft 1.19: Best Survival Island Seed List

Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

Here is our list of the best Survival Islands in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions.

  • Village Island: 6964544338594645336
  • Mountain Range Island: 407112087093125870
  • Deep Dark Island: 1000459683486344283
  • Dual Island: 2860514908902235157
  • Icy Island: -7238574223762547600

1. Village Island Seed

Village Seed

  • Seed: 6964544338594645336

If you want some company in your survival island experience, then this seed is just for you. A thriving village is located on this island for your convenience. Moreover, you can venture into the large cave system through the waterfall by the village. This island also has a ruined portal that leads to a Piglin Bastion with rare loot.

2. Mountain Range Island Seed

Mountain Range Seed

  • Seed: 407112087093125870

This seed will spawn you on a huge mountainous island with countless caves. You can build your house on clifftops with stunning mountain and ocean views. There are forests of all kinds for gathering resources. It also has a ruined portal so make sure you visit this abundant island.

3. Deep Dark Island

Minecraft Deep Dark Island Seed

  • Seed: 1000459683486344283

This Minecraft seed will spawn you on one of the most beautiful islands in this game. It has lush caves, cliffs, forests, and mountains for you to explore. But as the name suggests, you will also find a Deep Dark biome along with an Ancient City. The loot you can gather on this island is unprecedented.

4. Dual Island

Dual Island Minecraft

  • Seed: 2860514908902235157

The Dual Island does not mean two islands close to each other. In this seed, you will be greeted by a floating island on top of the main island. You can build your base on the floating island for beautiful views. While your farms and cattle can stay below. This will give you a large space to organize your structures and provide you with a survival experience like no other.

5. Icy Island Seed

Icy Island

  • Seed: -7238574223762547600

The last one on our list is the Icy Island Seed. This is for players who seek adventure in the toughest conditions. Using this seed, you will spawn on an icy island with nothing but a frozen ocean around you. Now it’s up to you to figure out how to survive in this blistering cold.

This is everything you need to know about the best Minecraft Island seeds. While you are here have a look at our other seed guides like the Deep Dark and Coral Reefs in our Minecraft section.