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Best Minecraft House Ideas For Caves And Cliffs Update (1.17)

Check out the best Minecraft Houses for 1.17 and get inspired by these ideas.

If you are hunting for the best Minecraft House ideas in 1.17, then this list has everything from a farmhouse to a modern home. Check out some cool new ideas for house designs with the new Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update right here.

Best Minecraft House Ideas 1.17 –  Caves & Cliffs Update


Below you will find some amazing designs that you should definitely check out and draw inspiration from for your build. These Cool Minecraft houses make the most out of the newest update and have created marvelous homes that until now you could only dream about.

Hobbit Hole


All of your fans of Middle earth can rejoice in building your dream Bilbo Baggins house with the newest update. There’s a ton of new things that you can add which weren’t possible before and make this cozy place for yourself.

The best thing about this house is the fact that you can change things as per your wishes and design the interior to make it perfect for an evening party.

Simple Wooden House


A pretty neat little cabin that you can build in Minecraft, this house looks perfect as a side house where you can simply just relax and forget away all the stress. This small little house will be perfect for a small family with basic needs and nothing that screams excess.

Try and imagine a small and tidy little house surrounded by the lush green forests, it feels like your private place in a fantasy world. This is one of the neatest and sweetest best Minecraft house ideas for the latest update.


Minecraft Farmhouse Design Ideas

This farmhouse design in Minecraft not only looks great but has a lot of utility, you can not only have a large number of people living here but at the same time, you can even have your domestic animals around and you can look after them. The colored roofs and towers give it a medieval look but make it feel pleasant.

The design is kept in mind with all of the things that you might need. This dream house in Minecraft is especially for those who were swept away by fairy tales during their childhood and just want to relive those moments again.

Mountain House

Not every house can be made on top of a literal snow mountain, but this one just feels like it belongs on top of a dreamy mountain where you can see the world below you. This house built is not only easy but it uses a lot of the elements used in the latest update.

Along with all of that, you get a breathtaking view like you’re never going to get again, so make sure that you check out this one at the soonest. This is one of the best Minecraft house designs that you can get.

Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Finally, all your needs at one place as this monstrous house will cater to all of them and so much more. All the amenities that you could ask for in one single place. This Modern House is not only amazing but it looks like something that a billionaire would stay in.

Everything is exactly where it should be and this house shows what it means to be living in style. Check out this house and make sure to replicate it brick by brick.

Small Japanese House

This small and elegant design will inspire you for a fulfilling life and at the same time offer you all the comforts of modern living. The house shines brightly of quality and traditional aesthetic that you will find throughout the land of the rising sun.

This design and its looks are perfect and can be created in a short time as this one is less flashy and takes considerably less time to create. This uses a lot of things that are involved in the new update to bring it to life.

Wooden House

Image a house all made of wood and nothing else, while the game does give you that possibility not many people have tried it out, but with the latest update, you can. Each section of the house is carefully designed to match with the other sections.

Limiting yourself to one element certainly, does a lot of difference when it comes to creatively planning things will only give you new challenges to look forward to and overcome. This is one of the best and eco-friendly designs that you can opt for in Minecraft.

Modern Art House

Imagine living inside a house that will have everyone stop by and just marvel at the beauty of your house, now imagine that if you could build it inside Minecraft and make changes to it using the contents that the new update brought.

This modernistic art house is perfect to let your imagination run wild and an architect’s dream to build. If you want something that the rest of the world will envy, this is the one that you should pick.


Everyone as a kid wanted a treehouse of their own and while not everyone were lucky enough to have one, you can do it right now. This perfect design for a treehouse will let you create a great abode in the middle of the forest, and be one with nature.

This not only looks like a great escape from the rest of the civilization but having a quiet place all for yourself in a quiet corner just is too good to let go.

Modern Water House

While this list contains a lot of modern houses, there’s nothing quite like one. This one is made especially for all aqua aficionados that love having a swim whenever and wherever they can.

This house quietly whispers out leisure and comfort while you’re dreaming away of a better day or working on your next novel. This house is for the dreamers and the thinkers that make living a lot better.

This is all there is to know about the best house ideas for Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. While you’re here make sure to check out How To Make Lightning Rod In Minecraft right here on Gamer Tweak.