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Best Marksman Rifle In Modern Warfare 2

Marksman Rifles are ideal for precision because it has features both a sniper and an assault rifle. Check this guide one of the best Marksman Rifles you can use in COD MW2.

COD MW2 has various weapons, from close-range assault rifles to long-range snipers. But Assault Rifles are the most used ones, like FTAC Recon. But a Marksman rifle comes with a scope attachment. This gives you the additional benefit of eliminating targets from distance. They can also be modified further to unlock burst mode which can cause more damage. There are around 6 Marksmen Rifles in COD MW2. In this guide, we will discuss the best ones.

SP-R 208 vs LM-S Marksman Rifle

Marksman Rifles can provide you with a single kill if you can precisely aim at the head. In our list, there are two weapons that fit best on the battleground. The first one is SP-R 208, this one features good recoil control and damage. Second, on the list is LM-S Markman Rifle. This rifle can be improved a lot by placing the right attachments.

SP-R 208 Weapon Stats

MW2 MW SP-R 208 Rifle

  • Damage – High
  • Fire Rate – Medium
  • Range – Medium
  • Accuracy – Medium
  • Recoil Control – High
  • Mobility – Medium
  • Handling – Medium

SP-R 208 already has good damage. With proper attachments, this weapon can offer you a good boost on the battlefield. If you are not interested in carrying a sniper then keep one Marksman Rifle in the inventory.

LM-S Weapon Stats

 MW2 LM-S Rifle

  • Damage – High
  • Fire Rate – High
  • Range – High
  • Accuracy – High
  • Recoil Control – High
  • Mobility – Medium
  • Handling – Medium

LM-S can become deadly with the right attachments. One that can boost its damage, fire rate, and range. It can be a little tough to handle at the start, but once you are comfortable n using LM-S it will drop more kills. Thanks to the scope and high damage, you kill distant enemies with a headshot.

Attachments play a huge role in boosting overall weapons performance. Without them, you cannot pull out much from the stock build. As for both weapons, you can increase the ammo capacity using attachments. Also, you can improve the weapons handling, reduce recoil, and get more mobility. If your gameplay is a lot focused on Marksmen Rifle, then try these two. With these COD MW2 also has heavy guns, shotguns, pistols, and sniper weapons. You can check the entire list of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons here.

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