Best Maps To Play In Dark And Darker

Take a look at the recommended maps for beginners & veteran players to go with in Dark & Darker.

Dark and Darker is just the ideal one if you like playing hardcore dungeon-themed games. As the name goes, the environment starts getting darker as you keep progressing in the dungeon. Currently, the game is running for playtest and the audience response is pretty good. Developers have already started to release new content to the game to make the player’s survival even more difficult. In the latest 3rd playtest release new maps were introduced for the players to explore. That makes the player wonder, about which is the ideal map to go with, in the game. If you are also unable to decide the Best Maps to play in Dark and Darker, then we are here to help you out.

Which are the Best Maps to Play in Dark And Darker

Here are the best maps you can play in Dark and Darker. Below we have recommended the ideal maps that beginners & veteran players can go with. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

Best Map for Beginners

Best Maps to Pick & Play in Dark And Darker

If you are a beginner and are trying out the game for the first time then Crypt 1 map is the one you should play in. This map is pretty big, giving you a good chance to escape and explore to get a grip on gameplay mechanics. On the other hand, it features up to 6 Shrine of Health & Protection that’ll surely come in handy in difficult times. Those who want to take the loot home can always use the Extract headstones spawning throughout the game.

Best Maps for Veteran Players

inferno 1 and 2 are the best maps to play in dark and darker

If you have been playing the game since the first playtest or quite a lot lately, then Inferno 1 & Inferno 2 are the best maps for you to play in Dark & Darker. These maps are quite small which makes the game even more interesting. Here players will face various close combat, especially during the Death Swarm. Inferno 1 & 2 maps have pretty low spawns of Health or Protection shrines & Extract Headstones. So make sure you are well-equipped to fight the enemies you’ll meet on your way.

These were the best maps for beginners & veteran players to play in Dark & Darker. For your convenience, we will keep updating this article if new maps arrive. That sums up everything regarding the map recommendations. While you are here check out which is the Best Class in the game.