Best Free Low MB Games To Play On Mobile In 2024

Find the 5 best low MB games you should play in 2023.

Mobile games these days seem to be constantly growing in file sizes, however, a lot of us prefer the simple fun of playing games that have low MB sizes. With the fast-paced lives we are living, these smaller games seem to make much more sense. Their simple, yet addicting gameplay makes for a genuinely fun experience. That is why, in today’s guide, we will show you the 5 best low MB games to play for free.

We will also include a few throwback classics in this list so that you can run back the years with their fun gameplay. You can download these games from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Best Free Low MB Games to Play on Android & iOS

Flow Free – Free Low MB Games to play on Mobile


One of the classics that are part of this compilation of the best free low MB games on mobile. Flow Free is a simple, yet addicting game that requires you to connect two dots of the same color in a grid. The game begins to get tricky when there are many colored pipes involved. With over 2,500 different types of puzzles, this game has enough content to keep you hooked for ages. It also features a time trial mode that requires you to complete the puzzle before a certain time.

Dr. Driving


Dr. Driving has been around for several years now, and yet, it remains an absolute icon of the mobile gaming universe. My personal favorite, Dr. Driving is a game that works like a driving training school in a way. You can pick from a few vehicles, which you then need to drive whilst obeying traffic rules and discipline.

While the premise of the game may appear to be dull or boring when compared to other high-energy racing games, you only understand and fall in love with Dr. Driving once you play it. This is arguably one of the best low MB mobile games around.

slither-io-low-mb is a game that is reminiscent of the classic Nokia Snake game that became a cult classic in the past decades. The game requires you to take control of a tiny worm and help it navigate the terrain while also snacking on colorful pellets. These pellets help your worm grow in size, making them crucial to your success in the game. Just like the original game, crashing into another worm will result in you exploding.

The game offers you the ability to play either with the AI or online with your friends.

Brick Games


Brick Games is a fun low MB game that takes you back in time to the years of those amazing Tetris-based handheld videogames that were such a rage back in the day. This time, you get the opportunity to play these games on your mobile. The game features a handheld-game overlay, making you feel like you are actually holding one of those nostalgic consoles.



Mekorama is a fun 3D puzzle game that has a low MB file size. The game requires you to control a small robot, with whose help you need to complete tricky 3D puzzles. To add to the game’s aesthetics, it also features a soothing soundtrack.

To top off the interesting gameplay experience, Mekorama also offers you the opportunity to build and share your very own 3D puzzle with other players. The game also does not require an internet connection, making it playable for all.

So there you have it. These are the 5 best free low MB games you can play on your Android & iOS mobile devices. As you can see, there is a good mix of old as well as new games here. You can enjoy the good old classics, while also playing the newer, fresher games. The best part? You will barely lose any memory because these games are easy on your phone’s storage. So go ahead and download these fun games on the Play Store or App Store!

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