Warzone 2 Best Landing Spots In Al-Mazrah

These locations are one of the best places to land in Al-Mazrah and come out with the most loot.

Al-Mazrah in Warzone 2 features a sprawling desert with many different POIs to explore and loot, but what are the best landing spots? Certain locations on the map provide quick money and loot so that you can get geared up and ready to fight as soon as possible. However since these locations have so much value, you will often find at least 1-2 other squads dropping in the same location so stay frosty.

Best Landing Spots in Al-Mazrah in Warzone 2

al mazrah city

Listed here are some of the best places to land in Warzone 2 on the Al-Mazrah map to get the most loot and gear.

  • Sa’id City Mall
  • Zaya Observatory
  • Hydroelectric
  • Al-Malik Airport

Al Sa’id Shopping Centre

best place to land in warzone 2

Al Sa’id shopping center (also known as the mall) is located in Sa’id City. It has enough cash registers to get the money required to buy a loadout drop. This makes it a really easy location to go and get your loadout early. It even has multiple entrances and openings from the roof so you can easily just fly in there from the top with your parachute. Besides money, it has hidden rooms with a lot of valuable gear so make sure to explore as much as possible.

Zaya Observatory

best places to land in warzone 2

What makes Zaya Observatory a great location is the fact that it’s elevated and central. It has great loot and gear spread out throughout and also has a potential stronghold spawn. Because of being the highest elevated location, it makes it really easy to rotate to other locations from Zaya Observatory.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric

Zarqwa Hydroelectric

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is in the middle of a sprawling town with many buildings with much loot in them. It even has two land vehicle gas stations on either side along with two boat gas stations. It also features a potential stronghold spawn. The river flowing through it also makes for a great way to rotate out of it using boats.

Al-Malik Airport

Al-Malik Airport

Just like it was in Verdansk, The Airport in Al-Mazrah is a prime spot to land. It has multiple levels in its layout with lots to explore and loot. It also features a Stronghold spawn which is across the runway in a separate section and at the edge of the map which makes it a fairly easy-to-do Stronghold.

These are some of the best landing spots in Warzone 2 but finding out which one works best for you is a matter of experimenting with all of them and knowing what suits you and your play style the best. Check out our other related articles such as Warzone 2 Strongholds: How It Works and Best Meta Weapons In Warzone 2.