NBA 2K21: The Best Jumpshots of All Time

Shooting in NBA 2K21 is called as Jump Shots. The game has a feature to create custom jump shots, so here are some of the top shots.

NBA 2K21 allows players to start a career from novice to an NBA Star. It brings in a lot of minute features and mechanisms that a pro or a beginner basketball player will get addicted to. Jump Shots is one of them, it is the motion where the player throws the ball to the basket. NBA 2K21 has a Jump Shot creator that allows you to create your unique style of shooting balls. You can mix up different custom jump shots to create a unique one.

How to create Jump Shots in NBA 2K21?

Go to the MyPlayer Appearance tab of NBA 2K21. You will be able to access this menu once you are in the neighborhood. To create unique jump shots you will have to unlock ability by completing different drills in Team Practice Facility.

So just go around and play some drills. Practice a few matches and you will be able to unlock the option of creating custom jump shots. It is time to check out the best Jump shots of NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 Best Jump Shots


MBA 2K21 Jump Shot that comes with a 100% success rate. You can watch the video by YouTuber Grinding DF. The jump shots seem pretty simple yet it has its own unique way of shooting the ball to the court.


Another video that shows accurate NBA 2K21 jump shots. Keep a watch from where exactly you are shooting the ball. Your position and throw play a vital role. If you miss out on things here you will miss the chance.

The video is by YouTuber DoubleH DF, it is more detailed and also gives you some info about the builds. The video focuses on the best jump shots for all builds. You will have to check the settings shown in the video to get max accuracy in shooting the balls.

NBA 2K21 has a lot of amazing features allowing you to create a popular career in the game. Later you will have a choice to pick a agent and proceed with an endorsement to build fan followings. We had covered various tips and tricks to help you out. Check this NBA 2K21 Wiki link.