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Which agent to choose between Archie Baldwin or Harper Dell in NBA 2K21?

Want to unlock ore VC per deal in NBA 2K21? Here is a guide on which is the best agent to begin with.

NBA 2K21’s MyCareer mode allows you to create a start player. All your choices and progression adds to the end of the report. Starting as a high-school student and slowing moving forward to become an NBA All-Star is not an easy journey. While moving forward the choice of player is also vital. After passing through high school or college you will have options to pick one from various NCAA Teams. There is a pre-draft process that gives you a chance to choose the best agent to represent the team in NBA 2K21.


Two of the big names that pop on the screen are Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell. Which one is the best? Here is the answer to the question.

Is Archie Baldwin the best Agent in NBA 2K21?

If you go with Archie Bladwin you can unlock better MyPlayer’s ranking. Also, you can boost your reputation faster as you move from high school to college. So Archie Harper is a kind of agent who can help you to become a start faster. The positive point of choosing Archie is you have to pay low commission from endorsement.

This means as a player that you can make more money. Archie is also the best agent to increase your popularity, you can get a larger following easily. So to an extent, Archie Baldwin is the best agent to go with.

Is Harper Dell the best Agent in NBA 2K21?

Harper Dell offers you a higher amount of endorsement compared to Archie. This comes with a price tag, Harper wants more commission. You take the homeless, while this agent can also help in building a good fan-base. Harper Dell is good enough if you are ready to pay the popularity price. Team chemistry is not good enough under this agent you can deal with some negative traits. And this can lead to match loss.


Archie Baldwin is capable of keeping things positive which impacts good team chemistry. As a young NBA start, it is necessary to pick the right agent. We suggest you begin with Archie as your starting agent in NBA. Things will be smooth allowing you to achieve success in NBA 2K21.