Best Interactive Maps For Skyrim (2023)

Here are some of the best interactive maps for Skyrim to help you navigate its world.

Skyrim’s map is filled with tons of interesting locations and points of interest. With so many items to find, things to loot, and areas to explore, things can get hectic while trying to keep track of everything. That’s why the Skyrim community out there has made many different interactive maps for players to access and gain all the knowledge that the game does not provide. Find out which are the best maps out there for Skyrim.

Best Interactive Maps For Skyrim

Here listed are the best options you can use if you want an Interactive map for Skyrim.

  • Map Genie Skyrim Map
  • IGN Skyrim Map
  • Game Banshee Skyrim Map

Map Genie Skyrim Map

map genie skyrim

Map Genie is the most popular choice and generally the go-to interactive Map for Skyrim. It is feature filled along with many of them that none of the other maps provide as of yet. Things like having the ability to remove icons of items that you have already found are a boon. While in-depth systems aren’t there, it is a clean, simple, and easy-to-understand map which is why it’s highly preferred.

IGN Skyrim Map

IGN map skyrim

IGN Skyrim Map is filled with everything you can possibly imagine. This can make it quite complicated to understand on the other hand. If you want everything possible out of your map then this can be your choice. It works well in giving you all the information that you can get from a map. Although the UI looks a little dated, this map is a solid choice nonetheless.

Game Banshee Skyrim Map

game banshee map skyrim

Game Banshee’s Skyrim Map is not really Interactive besides being able to zoom in and out of it. Yet this map is simple and elegant. It gives you the information you need at glance and gives more information than the in-game map does. It can be taken as an example of what the actual game’s map could’ve been. It still holds up as a great option for a Skyrim map.

These were all the best options out there for Skyrim maps. For more Skyrim guides, check out our other articles like how to Install Skyrim Mods Manually and how to Cure Vampirism.